Is everyone getting emails with $633,798.55 in the subject line?

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It just makes me laugh, because it's exactly like the spate of "Bad News" we all got recently, thanks to a certain shaggy haired surfer dude.

I got three emails so far with variations of "Dana, 633,798.55?" in the subject line. I still check all these emails out because I like to see what other internet marketers are doing, but when I get multiple emails using the same gimmick I tend to glaze over.
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  • Profile picture of the author Hamida Harland
    I've had nearly 10 emails that are all pretty much the same - doesn't make for exciting reading I must say! I just deleted them all straight away without even opening them.

    I think many marketers really waste a good opportunity by not coming up with a decent subject line - I'd definitely open the email if I saw something remotely original.
    • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
      Yeah, I got 'em too. They're not even well written emails. That's the most
      disappointing part about them.

      This person needs to take a course in copywriting or something.
  • Profile picture of the author Tim Franklin
    If I am I feel confident they are going directly into the trash can.
    • Profile picture of the author Dana_W
      I just got ANOTHER one! The thing is, they're all from different people, but each one of them is using a subject line that focuses on the exact dollar amount someone allegedly earned. I guess it's the herd mentality.
  • Profile picture of the author Nathan Denton
    It's the guru of the month time. There have been quite a few biggy's over the last couple of months. I guess this author wanted to jump on the bandwagon one more time for 2008. Yes he is successful and will prob make $50K from the launch but how many purchasers actually go on and replicate similar numbers?

    A very small percentage I would suggest.
  • Profile picture of the author Dana_W
    Nathan, I'm sure that's the case with every launch. I doubt anyone who buys this product is going to make even close to $633,798.55. And call me a skeptic, but frankly, I doubt the person who created that product really, honestly made that much.
    • Profile picture of the author Rich Rollend
      I have received my fair share, I wish if they are going to reuse the same letter over and over they might reright it with a little thought. I have only been doing this eight months and can do a better job. Trust me I'm not very good!
  • Profile picture of the author Chris Lockwood
    Are these emails promoting the same product? What is it?

    At least it's something different than Viagra or fake watches.
  • Profile picture of the author Dana_W
    Some Clickbank Domination product. I didn't pay a lot of attention to it, but yes, each email is promoting the same product.
    • Profile picture of the author Andy Hart
      its andrew fox's product the follow up to dominating cb, and I have to say no doubt it will be rehashed stuff but....

      I also have to say he has made that kind of money and then some, he's famous for having a yacht and a "red sports car" you now the type.


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