Anyone Gone For Ezine Articles Premium?

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Just wondering who has decided to go with Ezine Articles Premium upgrade?

I did, but then again I do a fair bit of article marketing and was getting tired of waiting for my articles to be reviewed.

I think it is quite a good service if you do a lot af article marketing as Ezine Articles is the best directory in my opinion.

What does everyone think?

Looking forward to your comments,

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  • Profile picture of the author Emailrevealer
    how much is it?
    • Profile picture of the author Hamida Harland
      I'm still thinking about it - mine take nearly a week to be accepted on a Platinum account. I'm waiting to see if approval times improve any in the next few weeks first.

      How quickly do yours get approved now Chris?
    • Profile picture of the author Chri5123
      Originally Posted by Emailrevealer View Post

      how much is it?

      There are 3 different options you can take:

      Monthly fee = $97 per month

      Quarterly = $194.00

      Yearly = $582.00

      So there is a slight saving if you go for the quarterly or yearly option, however i went for the $97 monthly option personally.

  • Profile picture of the author Kristian
    I'm tempted to pay for a premium account too. Who wants to wait almost 2 weeks for a review?
  • Profile picture of the author pmore
    I personally can't imaging paying that much and still having to pay someone to write enough articles to make that fee worthwhile - and no, I'm definitely not going to write that much by myself.

    Not my thing, but I'm sure the hardcore article marketers will benefit from the membership.
  • Profile picture of the author TheRichJerksNet
    The website offers very little for $97.00 a month, no way is it worth that kind of money. So it takes 4 or 5 days for article reviews, I am perfectly fine with that. They would have to offer a great deal more before I forked out $97.00 a month.

  • Profile picture of the author Chris Hunter
    IF I did this, I'd do the yearly subscription.

    That's half off the price. No brainer.
    • Profile picture of the author Brad Spencer
      Interesting is the idea that we shouldn't have to wait that long for articles getting approved.

      No one talks about the fact that it used to take much less time to get approved. Now, they are charging for essentially timely service.

      I love Chris Knight (owner) but seriously, I feel charging for a quick approval is a rip off. It's just evidence they are holding back. I mean it's to their benefit to approve as quick as they can with the quality factor still there.

      Here's the logic. With IMers there is a critical mass of opinion here. It would only take this forum talking about slow approvals (which it has) for people to say "maybe I shouldn't submit there as often" or find an alternative.

      I'm outside of their biz but I bet their money is made on reputation (high PR and biggest article directory) which leads to nice PPC income. If people submit less, they have less fresh content to make money off of. Then, their business slows down.

      So, I guess my point is that they shouldn't be charging just for quick approval.

      Sorry for the rant but the charging logic really puzzles me. It seems that reputation for quick approval and the benefits it provides would provide enough money for charging for "quick approval" wouldn't be necessary. I could be wrong...c'est la vie.


      Brad Spencer
  • Profile picture of the author JJ-Undercover
    From someone who DOES have the premium service. Upgrading is NOT useless for SERIOUS article marketers.

    But for people NOT making money with articles, yeah, premium service is useless because article marketing is useless for them. You need to know how to article market properly and profitably to make it such a bargain that you'd be stupid not to use it.

    Also looks like their review times are back to about 1 day for platinum members, so premium isn't needed for most peoples' purposes.
  • Profile picture of the author cfloyd
    I would love to get my articles up faster, but the cost is not in my budget this year. And from the comments here that have I wonder if it is worth the extra money?

    I guess this needs more thought!
  • Profile picture of the author JJ-Undercover
    I disagree with you Alexa.

    I'm a prolific submitter and I gain tremendously using the Premium Service. However, I will say that most people who have the Premium Service probably are wasting it.

    Besides that, having the Premium Service forces me to write a lot of articles to make it worth my while. So it's like a kick in the butt to keep me going at a high level.
    • Profile picture of the author Hamida Harland
      Originally Posted by JJ-Undercover View Post

      I disagree with you Alexa.

      I'm a prolific submitter and I gain tremendously using the Premium Service. However, I will say that most people who have the Premium Service probably are wasting it.

      Besides that, having the Premium Service forces me to write a lot of articles to make it worth my while. So it's like a kick in the butt to keep me going at a high level.
      I used it for a month and I found it was worth it. The only reason I cancelled was because I'm taking a break from article submissions (well submitting less anyway) to work on my own sites.
  • Profile picture of the author mozesteven
    I will consider to join the premium membership. I believe it is worth it as the price. If you have any comment please.
  • Profile picture of the author mikkosant
    I went in for the premium subscription a few months back but eventually canceled. I would say that if you've already got platinum membership, and not submitting articles a lot, then you might not need it. However, if you submit a lot, which will bring you a ton of traffic, then premium will be worth it. My articles were approved lightning fast, and support always acted fast if an article needed to be fixed.

    I just unsubscribed mainly because mass article marketing is not my thing. It's mainly for people who basically spam ezinearticles for "directory traffic only"( of course it's not really meant for that, but people do abuse the system often. Just look at the garbage that's on there), or they just want a mouse pad and a pen every couple of months.
  • Profile picture of the author Shannon Spoon
    I usually get my articles approved the same day, but i am a Platinum level author. I could see the benefit if you were a basic plus member. Because it does take longer to get approved then.
  • Profile picture of the author freudianslip27
    What about the scheduling they allow you to do? My understanding was that this was a huge advantage, since you could schedule articles to be released at times that were far away from bulk releases, giving your articles more visibility?


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