How to Check Articles for Duplicate Content

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So I just outsourced some article rewrites and so far I am not to happy.

All the articles are under 500 words. I want to be able to copy the whole article in some software and check the percentage the same/difference.

THanks for your help
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      Copyscape is good for doing really rough and ready checking of your content to see if they are unique.

      But it is very easy to fake uniqueness in Copyscape, but its a lot harder to fool the search engines. So you may think that your content is unique but it may not be.

      Search the web for unique content spoofing and you will find many examples

      Hope this helps

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    Thanks for your responses Bruce And Marcel.

    I am not happy because the articles look pretty much the same so far.

    I am trying to save time using the software which I was asking about at first.

    I just found and downloaded Dupe Free Pro. Havent tried it yet, I am about to though.
    Anyone have any experience/tips for this software?

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    What do you mean by "they pretty much look the same"

    Do you mean the articles you hold in your hands are almost the same? If that's the case maybe they spun those articles from a single seed.

    How much did you pay for them anyway?

    All the best..

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    Do a search for Dupe Cop, it's free and allows you to compare to pieces of text, in other words, 2 articles to compare how similar they are with regards to each other.

    The thing that I'm a bit iffy about in terms of dupe cop is that it compares similarity in terms of exact word matches, however the wording or the content could be completely unique.

    I remember writing a weight loss article then I re-wrote another article from the original, in dupe cop it was 50% similar.

    Now, when I wrote a completely different article, still within the weight loss arena but based around a completely different sub niche and I compared this new article with the unrelated first article, it was still 50% similar.

    So, dupe cop is only a rough estimation but lacks the sensitivity to acknowledge that the content makes it unique. Just because I happened to have "weight loss" terms in common between the 2 completely unrelated articles, it still viewed them as a match.
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    Download free software, for you to verify and check your article for duplicate contents.
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      Try this simple method...
      Highlight first line of the first sentence of the article, then copy and paste into Google search. If you see exactly same sentence / words there, means have duplicate content. Then, you can try second sentence and last sentence. Just copy and paste only. Hope help.
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    Your articles all look the same... Do you write the titles for your outsourcers? I've found that specific titles help.

    For instance, your outsourcer may write two articles:
    *** "The 5 Ways to a Flatter Stomach" and
    *** "Ways To Flatten Your Stomach".

    These could contain much of the same information (the former being more structured, though).

    Titles that would guide the information in more distinct directions:
    *** "The 5 Ways to a Flatter Stomach"
    *** "Abdominal Fat: How Habits You Picked Up as a Child Are Costing You NOW"

    I hope this helps...
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    I have outsourced article writing for a very long time and at the beginning it took me a while to find someone decent who provided me with unique content, I guess sometimes ya gotta keep looking

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    Thanks for all your responses.

    I downloaded Dupe free Pro and I was really impressed with it. I would recommend anyone who reads this thread to try it if you have similar needs.
    It looks as though it has LSI and Keyword Density Features as well.

    The 3 articles he sent had duplicate content percentages as follows:

    Not good. He apologized. And we had some issues and problems at first, but after some heavy PMing we have it resolved. I think...

    He is doing a partial refund and completing the original order.
    He asked for my pay pal to give the partial refund, I gave it to him and he sent it.

    I noticed Pay Pal charged a fee.

    Then I noticed that he could have just issued a partial refund from my original payment.

    Did he do it that way to avoid a fee on his end, and pass the fee to me?

    Marcel That is a usefull tip. Give distinct directions in outsourcing your article rewrites. I like it.
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    I think copyscape sucks a bit.
    I have a better tool.

    I use or

    Both are free. Plagium returns FAR more accurate results than copyscape.

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