Are You A Grateful Warrior?

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Lately I've seen so many posts with Warriors complaining about "idiots" and having their content ripped off and problems with one affiliate program or another etc etc etc.

And I was thinking...I used to have to WORK for a living.

You know...manual labor.

And many of the people I worked for were a real pain in the arse.

That got me to thinking about how grateful I really am to make my living doing something where I can help people, work from my computer, over the phone and in person...mainly talking to people.

And I make many times what I would make working my guts out.

I also thought about how lucky I am to be a member of a forum full of people who get this.

Some are making their living online...some soon will be...even if it seems to them like they're stumbling through the dark without a glimmer of light.

So what are you grateful for?

What do you really love about internet marketing and the Warrior Forum?

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh
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    I'm grateful for the amount of knowledge that is shared so freely here. I get shocked sometimes at other forums, where strategies I take for granted are unknown.
    • Profile picture of the author Ken Strong
      I'm also weary of all the complaining and negative threads (including the ones complaining about the negative threads ). But I'm extremely thankful to have found this way of life, and all the resources, help, and fellow travellers on this forum.
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      Wonderful post!

      I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to work from home to stay home with my son. That was my goal and am lucky enough to have achieved that, partially due to the knowledge I've gained here and friends I've made here.

      I'm grateful that if I ever have a question about any aspect of IM I can just do a simple search here or on the old forum and have my answer. If I can't find the answer I know there are dozens of amazing people that will help me.

      I'm grateful that there are some truly wonderful members here who would go out of their way for anyone. Sure, there are some disagreements and trolls, but at the end of the day you can really count on most members here.

      It's amazing and this place will be one of the tools I use and resources I learn from to continue growing my business to achieve me goals.
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    I spent so many times in uncomfortable situations over the years (while in the military) that I'm really grateful for small things like:

    Being able to sit in a chair with a drink and put the TV on.

    Having a nice shower or soak in the bath.

    The relationship I have with my siblings and family members.

    The potential for an amazing life that is layed out.


    You know - all the simple but great stuff.

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    What a great thread!

    I am very grateful that I was able to quickly escape the faultering real estate investment market and move into a new line of work! Words cannot measure my thankfulness.

    I was broke . . . and then I wasn't! I'm still shaking my head in amazement!
    • Profile picture of the author Aldian Prakoso
      - I'm grateful to have this beautiful thread to start my day!
      - I'm grateful that I have a great wife and happy healthy toddler.
      - I'm grateful to have a nice comfy home.
      - I'm grateful that I can work at home and free from traffic jam.
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    I really love the free sharing of information. These guys know what they are talking about.
    • Profile picture of the author Kevin Riley
      I am grateful for Internet!

      Before it, I could not publish my how-to books in anything but stapled, b&w booklets. I had to be on the road to get my products into stores. I had fun 10% of the time, and sweated 90%

      Now, I sit here in my comfy home office, with coffee or Jameson at my side, and I blithely create books on my computer. Then, I sell them to a whole world without ever leaving my home. I am still in wonder.

      Also, now I have fun 99% of the time, and sweat 1% (sweat being brought on when a script acts ornery)
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    Thank you Andrew! We all need to suck it up and start accepting fraud as one of the negative aspects of doing business. No one's jobs are perfect, but ours do come with some pretty spectacular benefits.

    As for me, I'm grateful because I know that in any economic downturn, I have the skills to generate my own income - thanks in large part to the Warrior Forum.

    Today on, there's a big section where people are writing in and talking about what they've given up in response to the poor economy - and there are some pretty depressing stories. I am so deeply grateful that I can don't need to worry about finding a 50+ hour a week job just to make ends meet, or decide which bills get paid and which don't.

    And of course, I'm grateful for the ability to work in my scrubbiest pajamas if I feel like it. I mean, c'mon... gotta love the pajamas!
    • Profile picture of the author Sean A McAlister
      Great Topic Andrew...

      I am extremely grateful for the fact that ...for the most part...everyone in here is willing to help out when a question arises that falls within their area of knowledge. It is nice that this forum is spam free (for the most part) and there is a place that i can come for good conversations, give assistance, ask for assistance etc.


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