Wait, Before You Go - Let Me Offer You a Discount

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I'm sure you've seen the hottest trend in exit pop-ups - the fake live chat session that popups up when you try to leave the page and offers you a discount all of a sudden.

I guess it works because everyone seems to be using it.

What's funny to me is those who use it when selling to the IM market.

Maybe I've been on the Warrior Forum too long and I think that everyone in this niche is as knowledgeable as Warriors are - but do people really think it's a live chat? If not, aren't they a bit turned off by the outright lie?

Also, do you find it offensive that you were about to be a 'sucker' and pay the full price, only to find out that the 'real price' appears when you leave the page?
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  • Profile picture of the author John Rowe
    No, yes, and yes.
  • Profile picture of the author Sirius Lin
    Sometimes, I find myself deliberately closing a window just to see if one of these VAs pop up to give me a better deal. I've tried to have a 'conversation' with one of these VAs before, and it was just about as accurate as... well, let's just say it was a barrel of laughs

    ~ Sirius
    • Profile picture of the author JasonKing
      This tactic is likely being used as a price testing strategy, not as part of a long term sales strategy.

    • Profile picture of the author jhongren
      I think it is part of marketing afterall.

      I have been to flea market and the quote for a normal pairs of Jeans is $70...it is only when I say no, then the vendor asked "what is your best price?"

      I bluntly said $15 and just turned my back.

      She said ok ok... :?

  • Profile picture of the author Rob D
    Damn you Dan and you unclickable reverse psychology link!
  • Profile picture of the author 2bwealthy
    if I actually want to buy something from a site i and look to see if there is an agent popup of a lower price then go from there

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