Does an Aussie Audio Acent go For Me - Or Against Me?

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Hey everyone,

Here's a question for our many for our US friends. Being an Aussie I have a question when doing audio on a sales letter.

Would the fact that the voice is not an American accent make you less interested even if the offer was excellent?

I realize this is a unusual question, but I'm interested to know your thoughts as perception is very important,

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    I think that if you are female it would be OK. Male and you might want to outsource the voice.

    Sorry if this offends anyone...I just don;t have the finger power to type out why I say this.

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    i say against too.
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      If you are targeting a female audience it might work for you. When I was living in the US, I lost count of how many women made the comment, "I love your accent!"

      Seriously, I don't know if it would work against you. One of the 30 Day Challenge guys is an Aussie, and he seems to be doing well.

      Just remember to speak slowly (we Aussies can tend to talk at a mile a minute sometimes) and clearly. That's probably more important than accent.
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    It would depend on your target audience,

    As a voice over agent myself, I can tell you that accents are good in the USA, just like American accents can be good in the UK.

    I did a lost movie trailer sometime ago, which played in the UK.
    but not in the US, odd that but who knew.

    I say give it a shot, and see what happens.
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      Thanks for your comments...

      I've just heard...(and I hope I'm wrong) that not being American can lead to the
      perception of not knowing what we are talking about...almost less of an expert.

      Like I say, I hope this is not true, but I will run tests.

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    Lets just say I'm Australian and even I think it would go against you

    American voices sound more normal to me compared to Aussie ones lol...thats kinda sad in a way, but true.
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      It depends how hard you are to understand IMO - and what you are doing with the videos.

      I am Canadaian - eh - not American and have no accent what so ever - but Canadian inflections sometimes creep in - but it certainly has not hurt my success.

      I say go for it and see what happens.
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    I shouldn't think it would matter as long as your accent is not soo thick that it's hard to understand you. Also stay away from slang as australian slang is different from american slang. Personally as a female, I dig australian accents. I think vice versa could be said and males would dig a female accent more than a males. Anyway, just my two cents. I could do some voice overs for you if you need a female american, lol. Feel free to shoot me a PM.
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      In some fields being Australian increases the perception that you're an expert.

      For example when I was a health writer I always repeated the fact that I was an AUSTRALIAN health writer because Australia's medical and health system is seen as innovative and progressive with many medical breakthroughs.

      I haven't seen any particular disadvantage in having an Australian accent on my audios and videos but then I've never compared it to anything else.

      My wife is from the USA so the comments about Aussie accents getting the girls could be right!

      I think the quality of the information you share is far more likely to persuade people than any accent you might have.

      Many people from the US have weird accents and do just fine.

      Generally speaking anything that increases your personality to your prospects and sets you apart from the crowd can be turned into a positive as long as you acknowledge it.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    What I usually do is create a quick 1 minute script, record it, save it.

    Then I hire someone with an accent to record it....

    Then i use Google Analytics to get a definite answer....

    so I basically split test version A) vs version B) (accent vs no accent)

    That is the only real way to know..

    it is easy enough to find someone to read a 1 minute audio pitch

    my 0.02cents
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    One thing to remember is to make sure you speak slowly and clearly.

    I naturally talk at a million miles an hour and Aussies can barely understand me let alone anyone else. I have to be very mindful about slowing down when recording audio/video, but when I do there are no complaints.
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    I absolutely love the Aussie, NZ and UK accents (various).

    I actually think even 'broken English' is cute, but the English speaking countries are easier for us to understand with the accents.

    Be who you are! I am absolutely proud of the whole world and the ability to do business together.

    I don't think male or female means a thing. Depends what you are selling lol.
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      Yes, I have a tendency to speak fast.

      My course is Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, so if they don't like my Aussie accent, they won't like my audio/video course:-)

      Thanks everyone for your imput,

  • Profile picture of the author Sean Donahoe
    I am actually Scottish and live in California, people keep asking me if I am an Aussie or a Kiwi (go figure). However, I have found that my diverse accent has really helped me stand out from the crowd and that diverse aussie accent can work well for you too.

    One thing the Scots and Aussies tend to have in common is speed and slang. For a mostly US based audience and lot of these traits make it hard for us to be understood if we do not keep them in check. If you do speak clearly and at a nice steady pace you will do very well indeed.

    Good luck and let us hear a sample when your done so we can all give you the 2 big thumbs up
  • Profile picture of the author Terry Hatfield
    I don't see any reason it would be a problem. But don't take anyone's advice test and find out for yourself.

    • Profile picture of the author Kym Robinson
      If it were me - I would split test too!

      As an Aussie female - I have to say I love an american accent especially a mans! I have an american friend and when he talks - I melt!

      The only thing I would worry about is that we aussies can come across very ockerish! If you take your time and be totally aware that you are presenting - about you will make the neccessary adjustments to any ocker overtures and Im sure you will do well!

      If you take the time to split test - then you will know what works best for sure! - Kym
      ozy - ozy - ozy - oi - oi - oi!!!!!

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