MySpace Marketing, Is it Dead?

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Hey warriors,

I need some people who have the insight on myspace marketing. Is it a dead zone now? Does anyone know how to market on myspace's new system effectively. There will be great rewards for those that can guide me through this asap.

Stay Golden,

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    myspace is dying, sorry man
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    facebook is getting so much attention now.
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      Hey, do you know if marketing is working on facebook? I opened a site with two affiliates a year and a half ago and they got me tons of traffic which resulted in over 70K in 2 months.
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    My most recent work has been with the Facebook platform, so much so that I don't rely much on MySpace due to it's disrespect of good, clean promotion. It seems like the best of marketers are getting lost in the jungle of ads and myriad of text.

    That said, I'm no authority - I just got here!
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    This might not help you but I got signed up with a myspace about 6 months ago and a facebook a couple months ago....Facebook is doing something right because facebook had 20x's the people signed up (that I knew) than myspace. I don't even check myspace anymore, plus facebook seems to have a lot more little fun "applications" etc....Just my 2 cents.
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      It's interesting but I always like FB more than Myspace. Myspace was more complicated and it looked like shit. I really don't think people know enough about making things pretty on the net to be allowed to load crazy backgrounds on their pages. FB solved this issue by being uniform.

      Myspace seems like a first mover and paved the way for FB. I'm getting ready to test FB ads and I wouldn't consider advertising on Myspace due to the more broad (and less educated in my opinion) audience on there. No offense to those with a Myspace page (I have one...though I don't check sister managed it for me) but FB is much better and has a more educated audience (original users are now graduating/graduated and are starting to have money).

      Just my thoughts on the issue.


      Brad Spencer
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    Why is there so much stupidity in this thread?

    It's not dying - just requires a different way of doing it.

    Facebook and MySpace have different approaches.

    If you want to learn more, you can find out through searching me out on Google.
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      Calling people stupid is certainly a good way to get them to do a search on you!

      People are SO rude these days . . .
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    Here's an interesting graph regarding search volume.

    You can see near the end where Myspace is dipping and Facebook is rising. But the amount of search volume MySpace receives is still substantial.

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