Get Your Act Together with All Your Email Addresses, Would Ya?

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    That's excellent advice Mike and hopefully it will be adhered to by all that read it.

    You were fortunate enough to capture that particular customer but what can we possibly do about the bods out there that won't read this post?

    I suspect you're dealing with a lot of folk within IM who, you'd hope, are a bit more email savvy than the average joe. What about those of us who work outside of IM? We can't educate a customer base that we can't communicate with!! It can be VERY frustrating sometimes.

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      As usual, another great post from you, full of wisdom.


      The member emails me again from yet another email address and tells me this is his second request for the info – what’s going on? Obviously he’s getting frustrated, but I cannot contact him. I’m frustrated too. But I resend the info and…you guessed it – rejected as…Mailbox Full.

      <somebody please shoot me>
      Colt45 ok?

  • Profile picture of the author Daniel Scott

    Gmail is, far and away, the best email provider I have ever used.

    Nothing is guaranteed, even if its paid for. Something can always go wrong. Having said that, Google have a LOT of money and I think they are here to stay.


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