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Dropbox went live a short while ago after an extended beta period. It's the best on-line file storage solution I have found, and trust me I have tried more than a few.

I like to store all my work on-line, meaning I can boot up any old PC and take up from where I left off working the last time, plus it saves me needing to make backups.

The best part of Dropbox for me is the fact it stores files locally and syncs them with an on-line copy, across several PCs, this means no slow load and save times, as you are accessing the local version, which is synced with the on-line version automatically.

Very cool, plus it's free!

Check it out at Dropbox - Home - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.
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    Sounds interesting!!

    I know of a system that does exactly the same as that, but is offered as part of a 'package' of other useful collaborative tools, such as diaries, a messaging system(QMS), integrated e-mail, CMS, and accounting tools such as general ledger and sales ledger and the rest of them...

    It's free to use for the first year, however after that year, it's 60 pounds a month, so you really can only reap the benefits if your a business looking to use the whole system (accounting / contact management system / e-mail..)

    Oh and it's web-based, with automatic back-ups each and every night

    This drop-box is a really useful tool, i've just checked it out and it's nice, definetly one to have for travelling purposes!!

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      What about the speed?

      For instance, I have a directory on my pc that I work on and have lots of temporary documents and lots of pictures/scripts that I work on. How long does it take to sync a big folder?

      Edit: I watched their video and saw that once a file is modified, it's automatically sync. Does it "eat" your computer resources to check all those files?

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