Problems with Roboform not being able to auto-fill certain fields???

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Hey there Warriors,

I have picked up a problem with Roboform recently and I wondered
if any of you know how to overcome it?

The question is in 2 parts:

When I try and access certain sites, mostly membership,
a login authentication window pops up on top of the main site

Roboform can't autofill the fields - is there a way to overcome

I use the Generate password feature in Roboform and as result,
don't remember the individual passwords.

-What do you do in this case?
-Do you write down every password?
-Is there a way to recover passwords?

Your assistance is appreciated....


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    Originally Posted by Tom Borowski View Post

    You should be able to access stored
    passwords by clicking on the passcards icon in the Roboform toolbar.

    The problem with the popup password window is probably the following:

    Usernames and passwords are stored separately for forms and popup
    login windows.

    When you created you username/password for a membership site,
    you entered them into a HTML form. So Roboform stores them as
    a form. When you then access the site, which is protected by
    .htaccess, the popup login window appears. Roboform stored your
    login as a form login, thus it's not offering you the username/password
    for this popup.

    The solution would probably be to retrieve your username/password
    data by clicking on the passcards icon and then entering that
    data into the popup manually and letting RF store it. From then
    on you should be set.
    Hey Tom,

    Thanks for your response....

    It's a great help....I was at least able to locate the passwords
    and get rid of the authentication window.

    However, RF didn't give any option to save the password for that
    particular login.

    Is there a way to "force" RF to save the password?

    Also, what's the best way to backup all the passwords?


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    I'm having the same problem.

    But didn't make time to investigate.
    So, I'm interested too.


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