Are We All just fooling Ourselves by saying, 'Content is King ' ?? Or does it come down to just...

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I have only been doing IM for a little over 7 months now with some decent Success in the last 3 months . I was wondering this earlier tonight......Is really the quality and frequency of what you write on a Site or Blog gonna get you to No.1 on Google for some of the Big Time Keywords and Niches ??

Or are we Bloggers and Article Writers, Marketers and Content 'pounders' etc...etc.. fooling ourselves and need a reality check ??

For instance , type in 'Credit Cards' on Google. On the 1st page ALL THE Sites are Static. You wont find a Blog on there. And these Sites are Ugly as Hell with no personal touch or originality.
I wouldn't surprised if that guy in no.1 spot is pulling over $50,000 a month with Affiliate sells on credit card Apps.. And he has NO Adsense running !! Uhmm...why do you think that !!

I mean lets be frank alot of us are Slaving each and everyday typing in loads of info. and Articles on our Blogs and churning out quality material spending countless hours...while this cat is probably lounging on the Beach making a few phone calls a day to Buy some more high PR Backlinks and making MAJOR Bank !!

So I am curious to why examples like this seem to refute everyone who says you MUST have great,fresh quality content to make it and be a big Success ??

It seems to me that what it comes down to is how much money you have to buy the most quality backlinks. Whether its ugly or not seems to be moot as long as you have links to click on for Products and incredible Backlinks built up.

That is the only explanation of why I can see Sites like these dominating huge Niches .

A little disconcerting for us small timers !!

Any ponderings from peeps out there ??
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    Discrat - while you may be right about purchasing back links, many of these sites actually do have content - quite a lot in fact.

    For example: site: - Google Search

    They have 7000 or so different pages indexed - many of which are full of content. (that one actually does have a blog as well) The first result had around 270 pages of content.

    So, even if you can't see it - that content is there, working for them.

    Don't give up - it may be frustrating, but hang in there. Content is still king (imo - but then again, I am a writer - lol)

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      I agree with Cary here..

      Whilst the "content" may not be visibly cut and dry on some site's.. it is there, doing the grunt work in the background...

      A Google top director once said:

      "We rank website's on a scale of importance based on each individual search...our aim is to give the person performing the search exactly what they want....By adding quality, relevant content to YOUR site, you become the source for information in those searches if you provide exactly what the searcher wants"

      My stats tell me that my blogs and sites get hit daily in the niche's I am in, so by providing worthwhile relevant content, I am letting Google know that I have what the consumer wants....

      Google gives the consumer what it wants, so give Google what it wants to give


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    I think you're misunderstanding the SEO strategy.

    Starting out you'll find it nearly impossible to compete with well established websites for a term like "credit cards".

    But if you target 50,100,200 or 300 long tail keyword phrases that have little competition but contain the keyword phrase credit cards then you should be able to get good rankings for a high percentage of those phrases.

    Often with just one blog post per long tail keyword phrase.

    And you'll get just a little bit of reliable traffic from each post and as you add carefully chosen post after post your traffic will build.

    And the way Google sees you as a reputable content resource will also build.

    You'll get backlinks to some of your better posts...more traffic...more attention from google.

    And over time if you persist and you work on monetizing your website in intelligent ways you should be able to get enough traffic to make good money.

    SEO is not a get rich quick plan. You have to put in the long term effort to get long lasting results.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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    hmm... did a search on Google for "credit cards"... did a couple of refreshes and same results... 163,000,000 competing pages...

    - pretty decent site with decent navigation; pretty well put together.

    - another decent site with decent navigation; pretty well put together.

    - yet another decent site with decent navigation; and well put together.

    Another search on Google for "online security"... 70,100,000 competing pages/sites

    - I know this guy; he's one of my business associates. His site is built entirely on a WP blog and I know for a fact that his entire approach was about providing quality content; (we taught him).

    Contact Bill yourself, he'll tell you straight out.

    He started from scratch; "last year" and has been on Google's page #1 for a minimum of the last 6mths in the top 5 positions. He's not a rocket scientist and rather technically challenged.

    So, there you have a quick look see that it IS viable to concentrate on providing quality content in highly competitive niches.

    Yes, it can be rough. It can be daunting. It can make you pull your hair out. Yes, there's a bit more to it than just providing quality content, but that is a major part of the strategy that got him there. But it is possible.

    The niche you've chosen; "credit cards"; is a rough one with a lot of competition. So, you're gonna have to work your proverbial ass off; but just like you see Bill made it in the same type of niche, you can do it too IF you "work" at it.

    So don't give up!! You can do this!

    Hope this helps...
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    Hey Thanks for the great responses and helpful info.
    I look forward to more good stuff.
    BTW, Iam not in the Credit Card Nich
    Thats was just an example.

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