Does This Appeal to You?

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Just wanted to run something by you guys. Would appreciate your feedback...

Negative... Positive... Indifferent... ??

Squeeze Page Example

Thanks, in advance...
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    First impression, looks good.

    Then I started to wonder if any of the youngbloods would know what the reel-to-reel projector was. Not that it takes away, just a thought that popped into my head.

    The other thing that was noticiable as I wastched the video the Keystoned projection screen did not match up with the squared video. Not a big deal, but as I was watching the video it became more and more noticable.

    Something to think about. But overall, I liked it.

    Good job,
    Scott Voss
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    Get rid of the 3d-like screen behind the video. The video will never show in 3d so take that out or make it 2d.
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    Thanks for the input, guys.

    Perhaps more will chime in as the day goes on.
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      Hiya tecHead,

      Nice idea but I have to agree with the previous posts, lose the screen. It does become distracting as you watch.

      Another thought, if you're going to keep the reel to reel you might want to think of a way to animate the reels so they are actually turning as the video plays. Just an looks sort of static just sitting there and as Scott said the youngsters out there may not have a clue what a reel to reel projector is.

      If you wanted to redo this with a different approach, instead of the projector what about making it play on a screen like in a theater? Get the straight on view, put in some seats with people /shadows sitting in the theater....... just brainstorming...

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    Interesting concept now will it convert, testing will only tell

    keep us posted

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      As already was mentioned, the YouTube video misaligned with the graphic background frame is distracting.

      But I liked the dark "movie theater" atmosphere...also like the idea above of using a movie theater design with a straight-on view....

  • Profile picture of the author ahuddy
    Looks awesome. Leave the video in the screen.
  • Profile picture of the author tecHead
    Thanks for all the feedback, guys (and ladies).

    I guess the overall consensus from that side of the computer is the skewing is off. OK, I can understand that.

    Actually, when I did this one (ironically) that's exactly what "I" thought. LOL... guess you should always go with your gut, huh?


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