[$100 REWARD] 1 Sale a Day - How Will You Achieve It?

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Hey Warriors,

I've a membership site, Internet Marketing Weekly News | Weekly Reports | Experienced Marketing.

I'm looking for ways to promote this site to the extend whereby I will get at least 1 new (paying) member a day. So, share your tips and tricks with this lady?

Best reply gets $100 in their Paypal account. I'll let this thread run for 5 days starting today.

Let's hear those keyboards at work, guys

~ Sirius
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    Well, I don't have a paypal account that can receive money, but you can pay me via my 2checkout account.

    I run a successful membership site that generates at LEAST 1 member a day.

    It all comes down to knowing your conversion rate. If you know your sales copy's conversion rate for COLD TRAFFIC then you'll know exactly how many visitors you'll need a day to make 1 sale a day.

    For driving traffic you'll need do combine the following:

    1. Article Distribution
    2. Press release distribution
    3. Video Distribution
    4. Viral Traffic
    5. Affiliates

    - For article distribution use SubmitYourArticle.com OR ArticleMarketer.com

    - For press release distribution there are several, but PRWeb.com is pretty good.

    - Video distribution services like TubeMogul will blast out any short video you make to nearly 20 videos sites including Youtube. Make sure you include your link right at the beginning of your video's description. Add the FULL http url otherwise it won't make a link. Create a lot of small instructional videos. You can use camtasia studio or even the free camstudio. The best way is to just chat via webcam. It generates more views and builds trust.

    - Get yourself a tell-a-friend script. You don't need the best one on the market though. I highly recommend Viral Friend Generator. Implement the script right after your purchase page. This means that after a visitor becomes a customer, all they need to do is invite 3-5 friends and then they'll receive an additional bonus. This will drive tons of viral traffic. Make absolutely sure that you include the viral inviter script in your list building efforts. After somebody opts in to get a free ecourse for example, use the viral script to get them to invite more friends in return for a bonus.

    - Create some affiliate media. If I were you I'll create a short pdf report or even brand a plr one as my own. Then use a affiliate pdf branding software like viral pdf generator or an equivalent, then contact bloggers in your niche and tell them about your affiliate program. Then tell them to give away your report. The fact that they are giving goodies away to their readers AND the possibility of making money, makes them love the idea.

    I hope this answered your question. ;-)
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      Thanks, lavidaloca! I'm already practicing 3 out of the 5 techniques you mentioned, so that leaves 2 for me to try.

      Anymore answers, Warriors?

      ~ Sirius
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    Well, Jose, I've tried a WSO so far. Only problem with posting such offers on forums is that they tend to get overlooked once they go past the 1st page, so it isn't really viable for a 1-sale-a-day goal.

    Anyone has any long-term solutions?

    ~ Sirius
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      Hi Sirius,

      My suggestion is to turn your site into a semi-free membership site. First, they get to join for free; you'll get tons more members this way.

      Now once they join, the fun part begins. You can give the free members some quality materials. Overdeliver in ways that they want to reciprocate.

      Then you also include excerpts or portions from the paid products. These are the really good ones. Make them so enticing and curiosity-arousing they have to join to see or get the rest of them.

      Some may still be hesitating, so give them a 7-day or 15-day trial for $1.

      At this point, many free members will become paid members. Since you only charge $7 after the trial period, many will not cancel. They have gotten so much they'll feel that cancelling would not justify the great treatment you gave them.

      Also, my experience is that many will not cancel simply because the amount is too small to be considered as significant and they'll be too lazy to request for a cancellation.

      Hope this helps,
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      The real spirit of sale is value.

      The real spirit of leveraging is receiving compensation

      I'm a Zen practitioner and in Zen it is always stated that change comes from within. So does increase.

      Internal Techniques

      1. You already have members, capitalize on them. (this is getting the truth from the inside)

      Make a contest similar to this one in your site.

      Contest should be about the best benefit they are getting about your site. It should be in "Testimony" format.

      The purpose of this is so that you will get the truth about the true value you provide.

      2. Capitalize on those values.

      2.1. Make a promotion, a one week trial membership for a week, or maybe a discounted membership for month as a sales pitch.

      2.2. Make all your members an affiliate. Provide an easy way for them to apply as an affiliate if they want to. Maybe a simple "Apply" will do. Profit Sharing always work. I am advertising a site that gives 3 dollars if you sign up anybody. It works very well, for them :-(

      External Techniques

      1. I think you already know BUM marketing as clearly stated in the first answer here. Do that, but with a twist.

      All your write ups should feature the testimonies you receive from the users of your site. This will give it real value.

      2. advertise, thats the only way people will hear from your service.

      3. Make a regular sales campaign maybe for 1 to 3 months if you can afford it.

      This should involve people regularly posting on free ads site and a budget for paid sites. Check out ad site membership by looking at their forum for the actual number of people visiting them.

      4. Off-line advertising to local business papers will also work. This is the most effective to reach businessman, specially old ones who rarely use the internet.

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    I am not after the $100 reward. The best way to do this is by having JV Partners as quality affiliates. Offer them a bigger commission. Forget about software that contacts them automatically, do some hard work and contact them manually.
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      Originally Posted by Rein View Post

      I am not after the $100 reward. The best way to do this is by having JV Partners as quality affiliates. Offer them a bigger commission. Forget about software that contacts them automatically, do some hard work and contact them manually.

      Sending them a nice custom-made card would be much more effective than calling or emailing your potential JV partners.

      Send greeting cards using:
      sendoutcards.com (not an affiliate link)

      I've learned about the site after reading Willie Crawford's report. Thanks, Willie.
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    Originally Posted by Rein View Post


    Unless you can fit your terms in a greeting card I would rather do a direct email. But thanks for the idea though.

    Lol. You're right, Rein. I guess we can use the greeting card for the "I like you" and "you're so awesome" part.

    Then sneak in a separate paper letter for the irresistible JV proposal.
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    Run the following promotion monthly. Each new member and each renewing member would get a chance at winning each month. Play it up big time! Make it out to be a chance in a lifetime!

    "Win a date with Sirius Lin!"

    This would actually be a 30 minute phone date where the winner could ask you any questions they want.

    Rob Whisonant
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    RapidSCC, you might be onto something there - I'll have to study your suggestions in greater detail and work out a plan for them.

    Michael, a trial period seems like a good idea. I'll need to look at my current business model to see how to maintain maximum retention rates after the trial period ends.

    Rob, I'm not sure if I've that much IM expertise to make it enticing enough for people to want to interview me over the phone. Or do you mean something else?

    Excellent ideas, guys. Keep them coming! This thread will run for another 4 days before I decide on the best post.

    ~ Sirius
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      Wanna make 1 sale a day?

      Takes you 15 minutes a day.

      Write an article based on whatever your niche is about.

      Choose the most searched keywords in that niche. Don't worry about
      competition. You're going to submit an article a day to as many directories
      as you can, including Ezine Articles.

      Make sure you offer some kind of free report, newsletter, ecourse or
      something to build your list with.

      This will not happen from day 1, but once the articles start building steam,
      you will begin to get at LEAST one sale a day everyday.

      How do I know this? Because I haven't had a day with no sales in so long
      that I can't even remember when it was.

      It's that simple.
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    At the rate of 1 article a day, Steven, when will results start showing up?

    ~ Sirius
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      Originally Posted by Sirius Lin View Post

      At the rate of 1 article a day, Steven, when will results start showing up?

      ~ Sirius
      Depends on the niche. With one of my niches, I made a sale the very first
      day. The article got about 400 views, about 80 clicks and made 1 sale.

      For that same niche, I've had as many as 5 sales in one day.

      Once the momentum starts, it's hard to slow it down.

      Again, depends on the niche. Some are dogs, but you'll find that out
      quickly and a lot cheaper than running an Adwords campaign that could
      suck up hundreds of dollars.

      If you've got the time, there is no better way to make money.

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