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I have finally bought Keyword Elite thinking it would answer all my keyword questions, however, it seems to just have created more questions for me.

I am in need of someone who can mentor me or point me in the direction of a good KE tutorial on how to best use Keyword Elite.

I appreciate any help.

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    It didn't come with some tutorials included?
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      Keyword Elite come with full manual explaining any aspect of the software.

      How can I help you ?
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    Also comes with the following help...
    Keyword Elite :: Index

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    I am just not seeing how I take a broad niche and narrow it down to a smaller niche using KE.

    How do I find potentially profitable niches using the software?

    I am signed up with NicheADay and so I get lots of broad topics, but need help in figuring out how to narrow these down.
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      Go to the forum and read anything and everything (starting farthest back) by SEO Agent. Robert is probably the most knowledgeable person there on how to use the product to its fullest extent.

      Keyword Elite :: Index

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