Joomla Sites are being HACKED!

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Hey everyone. Just a FYI if you are rumming a Joomla site!

A site of mine was hacked 2 times in the last 4 weeks by "Goy Hackers". If you are running anything less than Joomla 1.5.6, you should upgrade to 1.5.6. There is a security flaw in the admin interface that can be hacked. That is the only fix for now. We migrated everything over to wordpress, 5 days downtime! Not cool...

Just a little friendly FYI...

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    This was brought up earlier but thanks for posting. I had the pleasure of being hacked too.
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    is it safe to activate legacy mode?
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    This is a 1.5 issue, correct? Please confirm if 1.0 users are safe.
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    Joomla 1.5.0 - 1.5.5 has a loophole that's fixed with 1.5.6

    Joomla 1.5.7 is now available but is written for php 5 so there are some issues if you on php 4. See the workaround at Joomla! 1.5.7 upgrade. 1.5.8 is expected to overcome this.

    No problems reported on Joomla 1.0.x but upgrade to the latest version 1.0.15

    The big thing with any cms is to regularly upgrade to the latest version

  • Profile picture of the author Lloyd Lopes
    I use 1.015 and recommend it for precisely these reasons. I'm often told I'm not moving with the times and that it will be difficult to upgrade later.

    I have a hard time explaining to clients why I'm not offering 1.5 and why I don't recommend it - and I get a lot of resistance with clients that think they are being short changed with old software. I often get the argument that "1.5 is "stable" and that "I'm making a bad decision" by not going with it.

    Sure , 1.5 is nicer , but better the devil you know.
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    Liloyd, you're not wrong although the problem is that the developers are leaving you behind now.

    - PHP 4 reached the end in August and will not be maintained or upgraded anymore.
    - Joomla 1.0 seems to have reached its end with 1.0.15
    - Take a look at the Joomla extensions directory and you'll see that most new extensions are developed for 1.5 and even the developers that kicked against it are bring out their 1.5 version. Soon the developments and upgrades for 1.0 will cease

    Yes, 1.5 is not quite as "stable" as they had made out initially however I find that, on the whole, it is a much easier program to work with and once set up I haven't had any problems. Its advantages are just too great to ignore.

    • Profile picture of the author Lloyd Lopes
      Originally Posted by jensrsa View Post

      Yes, 1.5 is not quite as "stable" as they had made out initially however I find that, on the whole, it is a much easier program to work with and once set up I haven't had any problems. Its advantages are just too great to ignore.

      Agreed. I won't use it forever....but imagine my popularity if I set up a bunch of sites that were hacked...
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    Well, the recent hack was a wake up call and fortuntely a fairly non-malicious hack and easy to fix.

    I think we need to be aware that any web site can be hacked and we need to do whatever is necessary to upp our security.

    See Have you sharpened your web site security yet?

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    I am glad that I am still running Joomla1.0 version for my site.
    • Profile picture of the author jensrsa
      Originally Posted by lyj1968 View Post

      I am glad that I am still running Joomla1.0 version for my site.
      I'm running all my new sites on 1.5 (latest version) however I

      - don't use the default "admin" as a user name - I immediately change it on installation
      - use passwords containing uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols, including my FTP usernames and passwords,
      - upgrade to the latest version immediately (although 1.5.7 created some problems )

      I use 1.5 mainly because it
      - is easier to set up
      - more SEO friendly
      - W3 compliant
      - I don't want to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.5 in the future, which is a schlep

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    BTW take a look at the official Joomla support forum, it is virtually all 1.5 with 1.0 drastically downscaled. The futire is with 1.5 with no or little support for 1.0

    1.0 is OK for current sites but any new sites you should look at 1.5


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