How long before articles start to pay off?

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I actually have three questions relating to article martketing.

1st questions is how many articles should I submit in a month to really utilize the effectiveness of article marketing?

How long does it take to really start to see results?

Which article submissions sites have been the most effective?

I want to get a feel for what works for other Warriors. I have built the backlinks to my site to about 460 on google and it doesn't seem to be moving any higher.

I submit 3-5 articles a week.
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    1. It depends.
    2. It depends.
    3. It depends.

    There are a lot of variables that you have to take into account.

    What is the niche? What is your definition of results?

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      1. As many as you can write or outsource.

      2. I see results the day my article is published using Ezine Articles.

      3. See #2 above (also do a search in the forum).

      Keep up the good work - keep writing and submitting.

      Analyze your keywords.

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    I really like article marketing.

    Q1. I try to write 3 articles per day. I target 3 niches, so 1 per.

    Q2. I have seen results in days after submission in some niches, others it has taken me a month or so. What do you do with article after it has been approved? I usually manually submit to search engines, and social bookmarking sites.

    Q3. list of sites I target, seem to get the best results. but there are hundreds more. remember each article must be unique, or you pounded with dup copy rule.

    * PressBox
    * Article Ally
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    Allen Graves is a generous man!!!

    Thanks Allen and everyone else who responded. I am not going to give up on article marketing I am just a little frustrated now but I will keep doing it and I am sure it will pay off.

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    There is no limit it's fully depend on you. Artical Marketing really gives you good return of your money and Energy. So there is no nlimit just take care of it should not be duplicate artical it must be your own

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