Have problems with the forum logging you out? Heres a solution...

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There is a thread about being logged out while writing up a post and in that thread one person mentioned the best solution to the problem but it ended up getting lost in the long list of posts so I wanted to create a new post so it gets seen.

If you have a problem with getting logged out of the forum often here's how to fix it.

Log out of the forum. Now start to log back in but make sure you check the remember me box. If you have the remember me box checked the forum will put a cookie on your computer which will keep you logged in no matter how long you are inactive.

This may not solve every issue with being logged out but the vast majority of people with this problem do not use the remember me box to stay logged in and that will make your login subject to the forums default idle timer.
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    Good point as I've been logged out realtivly quick in the new forum when I didn't want to be.

    There should also be default settings that Allen can set from the admin as well to increase the login time without being logged out.

    Frank Bruno

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