Any Fantasos Users Successfully Integrated Getresponse? ($10 Beer)

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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to set up Fantasos to start selling my products but I'm having trouble with the Autosponder integration so that everyone who buys is automatically added to my list.

Has anyone successfully integrated Getresponse with the software?

I'm not sure what the parameters are supposed to be.

The manual says you can use Getresponse but Fantasos is primarily set up for Aweber which is a bit annoying because you've got to find the right parameters by yourself etc.

If anyone knows how to do this and help me get it going I'll buy them a $10 beer!

Contact me by PM or reply to the thread!

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    Ask Fantasos helpdesk. They will know the answer.
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    yup their help desk very supportive..
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    Hi Guys,

    Basically I tried their helpdesk and they said that I was to ask in the Forum.

    I've asked in the Forum and have still not had an adequete answer.

    It should be easy enough because it only has to post 5 parameters to Getresponse. I can't understand why they only made it easy to integrate it with Aweber.

    Even the Butterfly Marketing Script and several other scripts which are WAY behind Fantasos have easy integration with all the major autoresponders.

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