The Hillbilly Marketer Needs Your Help!

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The Hillbilly Marketer will soon be releasing his first report. The report is all finished and the website is being readied but there is one thing missing... a logo!

The one he uses is from istockphoto so he is limited in what he can do with it. He is looking for something but he's not quite sure what it is and he asked me to help him with it.

So, since he really doesn't know what he wants, I thought I would see if anyone is interested in a little contest! Here is the deal... anyone who would like to can submit a design of an original logo for HM and the HM will take a look at them. If he can find one that he really likes, or comes close, he will choose that design as the winner. What do you get?

The Hillbilly Marketer will give you credit for the design anywhere and anytime he uses it with a link back to your website. He is preparing his own website and he is going to have many products to promote. You will get credit on every site.

Anyone interested in that? If so, let me know and I can give you an idea of what he is looking for in a design. If no one is interested, he will do it the old fashioned way and hire someone to make one. He just thought this might be a great opportunity for someone.

Take care!
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