The Biggest IM mistakes ever!

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Yep! It's time for another list!

For the sake of all the newbies, let's work together and come up with a big stack of the worst mistakes that we have made online. Hopefully we can deter some people from falling into the same traps as we have, and prevent a few tears.

I'll start with:

1) Accidently leaving the content network checked on Google Adwords overnight! I drained my credit card dry. Of course, I should have set a lower daily budget to begin with, but you know what it's like when you're starting out and you can smell the cash...
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    Believing everything you read here (or anywhere). There is so much misinformation around.

    BTW most of my Adwords campaigns do better on the content network. I don't know why, but you're right that you need to monitor it.
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    Not starting a List sooner

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      I once abandoned a perfectly good business that I had been working on for years (not very hard, the money was easy) because I got bored.

      The dumbest mistake ever! I could easily be making more money from it now than ever before...
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    1. I lacked focus in the beginning.
    2. Jumping from program to program.
    3. After investing in several IM infoproducts I didn't realize that I had more than enough information and education to start earning a nice income.
    4. After investing in several IM infoproducts I didn't follow any of the advice because I let my ego get in the way.
    5. I was too trusting of people.
    6. Once I quit my job, I mentored people for free. I'm never doing that again.
    7. Assumed that my direct mail copy writing skills would easily translate into the web; I was wrong.
    8. Once I had decent traffic, I neglected to test and track my traffic.
    9. I neglected to tweak my sales copy on my webpage, my ads, and you would have thought I would have known better.
    10. Many years ago I tried Google Adwords without reading Perry Marshalls Adwords guide. It was a painful lesson (ouch, ouch, ouch, I'm still smarting from that one).
    11. At the turn of the new millennium, I didn't seek out JV parnters. That easily cost me six figures out of my pocket.
    12. I thought I could do everything on my own (lesson: if you don't eventually outsource or hire, you cannot grow beyond a certain dollar limit).
    13. I lurked the Warrior for years before I registered and actually began connecting and networking (another painful lesson).
    14. I didn't check out the WSO forum for years (ouch!).
    15. When I first started out I threw out all the time management lessons that I learned in the offline world, so it took me 18 months before I broke the $1,000/month barrier; looking back I should have been able to do it in 1/16th the time.
    16. At first all my autoresponder series only had 3 to 7 email messages in it; that easily cost me another six figures out of my pocket.

    I'm sure I could come up with 100 more, but these popped into my head this groggy morning......

    Rod "I-Think-Chris-Sutton-Stole-My-Coffee-Mug!" Cortez
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      I do mostly affiliate marketing and made the same mistake I see a lot of people make. I did not focus on getting one program profitable before adding a second program. After awhile you are in multiple programs and not making money in any of them.
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    Beign a fellow newbie, the problem i would want everyother person to avart is the problem of having the money first. this will stop one from going through rigorous training required before starting. So acquring the accurate kwowledge of IM and money will follow.
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    My mistake:

    Trusting that my mentor will consistently believe in me and I later find out from his friends that he thinks I AM JUST A SMALL FRY. :_(

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    Cleaning my office before doing any work and thinking I'm making progress because I'm busy.

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