Gates & Jobs: Can You Wrap Your Brain Around THIS??

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Can you say, "We control what you do" ?

This is 2007... listen to what they're talking about... look around and see what's going on, today. wow

Kinna makes me feel a little "sheepish", lol.

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    Oh yeah I've seen this, I know :/
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    I wonder if Steve jobs has any other clothes other than just jeans and that black sweater?? I have literally, never seen him in any other attire? ..and with all that money?

    by the way, maybe my eyes are deceiving me as it has been a long day, but if what I'm, seeing in your Avatar, is a cute little kitty pointing an assault rifle in 'sniper-mode' out of a window....

    - that is one hilarious picture!!!

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      Originally Posted by Tom Borowski View Post

      You just have to go back a couple of years...

      YouTube - NeXTSTEP Release 3 Demo

      Hey Tom ,thanks so much for going to the trouble of digging up that video!

      You say 'a couple of years???!!" ...just a couple? The guy has hair in this one!

      Maybe designer black sweaters weren't around back then.

      Thanks again for letting me know that he does in fact wear other clothes.

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    The forward thinking part is so true when working with creative techy people. Many have a mindset of "Just get on with it, what can we learn from it and let's move forward." Many minimize the drama because it just gets in the way of their ability to move forward.

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      Originally Posted by Scott Lundergan View Post

      Many minimize the drama because it just gets in the way of their ability to move forward.
      I like that. No drama, no emotions, just pure business.
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    WHAT THE HECK!!!!! Techead,

    I don't get what you are trying to say! The Cell phone was out BEFORE apple or M/S even THOUGHT of using it! It was an obvious move to go to the internet and, AGAIN, it was done BEFORE apple or M/S thought about it.

    The OTHER stuff, like clients running over the net, was out there before Apple or M/S even existed! They didn't talk about anything new!!!!!!

    EVEN the idea of dumb computers, that they laughed about, where out there BEFORE Apple and M/S existed! They were called TERMINALS!

    So WHAT new ideas did they come out with?

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    lol, I love you too Stevie... long time, bro

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