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I have many links back to sites like and don't want to rock the boat to say.

The problem is they are not really suitable for good search engine placement. What I want to do is place a different SEO friendly site on each domain without the www.

So brings up the original site and brings up the new SEO friendly site.

Will the search engines see these as two different sites?

Rob Whisonant
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    Hey Rob..

    Yes the search engines WILL see this as two different sites.. and also will split the pagerank between the two when it assigns it.

    If you want two different sites then go with it, but if you want it to be included all together as the one site then you need to canonicalize the domain with a .htaccess re-write


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    Thanks Jay,

    What I want to do is have the search engines see it as two distinct sites.

    Rob Whisonant

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