Important Question Regarding $1 Trial Launches

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For those who have done $1 trial launches, I'm just wondering how many of them ended up choosing to stay on and pay the regular MONTHLY fee after the trial was over.

Presuming the launch is a quality there a average retention rate figure?

Ie.. 500 people buy $1 trial (on launch) and 300 stay on to pay full price?

Thanks so much
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    I think there's probably so many variables including if there is the right balance between what's provided for the $1 and of course how much desire is built for what's on offer in the upgrade.

    For instance, we obviously don't want someone just downloading everything and then immediately cancelling for $1 and at the same time,
    want to provide enough for the $1 so it's like, "Wow, this much for $1, I can't wait to get the upgrade!"

    It would be nice to see an average upgrade retention percentage though.
    I'm just wondering, are there so many variables depending on the offer and the product that conclusive results would be at least a ballpark indicator?
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    At the end of the day, we must see whether the product that you are talking about is of benefit to the buyer.

    Of course, at the beginning, they could have bought it to satisfy their whims, or just to see whats up, but when monthly payments are concerned, they will chalk it up whether it is a good investment to continue paying on a monthly basis.

    Coming up with a important "you need to have this product" rather than "you want to have this product" will definately improve the odds.

    Like Doug say, this variable effects much greatly for us to put a template retention figure for all cases.
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    Yes what you're saying is correct but I'm just after an "average" figure.
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    I really would like to know the answer to this...if nobody posts here than I'll just email a 1 or 2 marketers who have done $1 launches.

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