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Is Wordpress as convoluted to get set up as its website appears to be?

I've just downloaded it from wordpress.org and it looks like I'll need 2 weeks break to get my head around it? Any advice please? Am I missing something really easy?

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    You can use the fantastico option if your host have it. It will help you setup your blog automatically. Else you can do a search on youtube or in google on how to setup a wordpress blog. There are surely many resources available.
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    If you have cpanel hosting it is much simpler to just do an 'automatic' installation through the Fantastico option you will have on your control panel.

    I think it looks complex when you first start with Wordpress because of the added complexity of having a database attached to it.

    Sometimes looking for support away from wordpress.org is easier! I have never found their help forum very helpful. There are loads of free tutorials on the web if you search through Google.

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    It's pretty simple actually. Might seem a bit daunting to start, but after you've done it a few times it should take less than a half hour to install.

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    Hi Ian,

    1. Go to Lynda.com

    2. Pay $25

    3. Watch "Wordpress Essential Training," by Maria Langer.

    4. Breathe a sigh of relief and adopt an expression of determined enlightenment.

    5. Publish your blog.

    6. Make some money.

    7. Smile...a little smugly..but not too smugly.

    8. Come back to the WF and tell everyone how you did it in order to inspire others.

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    1. Create a MYSQL database.

    2. Change wp-confige-sample to wp-config

    3. Add your MYSQL info to wp-config

    4, Upload to your domain directory.

    5. Have a coffee and wait 5 minutes.
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    If you choose to install Wordpress using Fantastico make sure you upgrade it straight away. Fantastico almost always has a slightly out of date version packaged with it which means your blog will be running out of date software that may have security problems.

    Check out the Free Wordpress Tutorials link in my sig. One of those videos shows you step by step how to upgrade your blog using a simple plugin

    To illustrate my point Fantastico on my Hostgator server currently has Wordpress 2.6.1 and the current version is 2.6.2. It was upgraded due to a security issue so anyone currently using Fantastico will have vulnerable software. The absolute best way to avoid these security problems is to make sure you're as up-to-date as possible.
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      That's great, thanks all!

      I have a main site on which I have a list of product reviews, and a landing page for listbuilding. What are your thoughts on which way to direct visitors I get at my wordpress & blog?
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    Bluehost fantastico is one update behind I believe, anyway more to the point I'd agree with most here using Fantastico is the best way to get your wordpress set up.

    Though upgrading via FTP is not that hard, it looks harder then it actually is since the wordpress main help site can kinder be off putting to some.
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      So one can use fantastico to do the initial installation and then upload the automatic plugin to keep current with the latest version of wordpress?

      Are there any issues doing it this way?

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    Fantastico will also install the update for you once it gets hold of it.
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      Once you have gone through the install stuff you still need to learn how a wordpress website works and how to use the pages and categories.

      I believe this is generally counter-intuitive which is my way of saying it took me a month to grasp the whole wordpress thing.

      Once you "get it" then you will find it very straight forward.
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    If you want some free training go to Home | Blogging Empires Wordpress Training and Coaching

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    Let me know and I will install it for you for free...
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    Small note of caution: I had the automatic upgrade plugin work beautifully for me first time I used it (except it didn't re-activate plugins). I used it again, this time for a very minor upgrade, and the whole blog, admin and all, was replaced by a php error message. I don't know why this happened - maybe it requires more 'permissive' directory permissions than I have set, and so there were files missing?

    Anyway, I deleted the plugin and followed instructions for a manual upgrade, and at the end of that my blog worked again. Nowadays I do my upgrades manually - much less exciting.

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