How to do JV or join Giveaways?

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Ok, so I read all the ebooks saying "Money is in the list". So, I decided to take immediate action! Build myself a squeezepage with an OTO offer and an affiliate offer.

I also read in all the money ebooks that the best way to build a list is to do JV and join giveaway sites.

Now here is the problem:

JV partners are interested in doing AdSwaps and Giveaways site want to send traffic to the giveaway site in order for my product to stay listed!!

Now both these things require that I have a LIST!!

So can anyone please tell me HOW TO BUILD A LIST FROM SCRATCH!

Also, tried traffic exchange and the traffic sucks

Please don't suggest PPC, suggest something that doesn't cost much as I'm low on budget at the moment.

Hoping to hear soon from all the great warriors
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    I'd give Article Marketing a try, use sites such as

    Get your squeeze page out their, use social network sites, use auction sites, use any site that allows you to put your link up!

    Your list (Once it's got traffic) will grow over time, unless you do PPC this will not happen over night. So be patience and keep plugin at it.
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    Give something of high value away for free to build your list and use the WSO forum to let people know about it first, before it hits the open market.
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      Here are some tips on how you can still use JV Giveaway events to build your list - even if you don't have one yet:

      * Most JV Giveaway events won't start deleting members before day 2. And since day 1 is the day with the highest traffic, you can still get a number of people to sign up for your list.

      * Many giveaways (those run with the Giveaway Manager 2 script) will approve and list your product (with an active 'signup' button) once you've added it. If you get in soon, your product will be available to all the other contributors for at least a week (=pre-launch period). (-- to get in as soon as a new event opens its doors for contributors, you can subscribe to the giveaway notification list - use the link in my sig to get there)

      * Back in the 'old days' - - your gift rank was based on the number of people you referred. That has changed - you can now buy your way up.
      Most giveaways offer some sort of upgraded partnership. These upgrades often include a certain number of gift credits which will move your gift right to the top of the list. Higher gift rank = more exposure = more signups.

      Upgraded partners are also allowed to add a special offer to the offer rotator. You could add your squeeze page for some extra exposure/signups.


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