I need some PHP help

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We need a simple PHP script that works with this Rapid Action Profits plugin:

The Only PayPal Subscription Add-On for RAP

If you're interested please PM me and I'll provide all the details. I'd like a rapid turnaround
and we're more than happy to pay for the help.

~ John
#internet marketing #php
  • Profile picture of the author Frank Bruno
    Hey John, You might want to post this also over in Sids RAP forum (in case you already havn't) as theres some programmers over there that are pretty knowledgable with RAP.

    Frank Bruno
  • Profile picture of the author Matthew W. Rhodes
    Hey guys,

    John has to go to a wedding, so if anyone wants to take us up on our offer, PM *me*, not John. (If you've already PMed John, send it to me, please.)

    It should be fairly simple to do, won't take more than a few minutes.


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