Please critique my modified blog theme...

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I have recently revamped my SIMPLE MAKE MONEY ONLINE IDEAS BLOG . please comment about my blog. Looking forward to hearing from the valuable warriors...
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  • Profile picture of the author NMP

    Very nice. Clean and easy to read. If you expect to make
    from your ads, I would recommend remove "Banner Blindness".

    That means set ads vertical instead of horizontal. Try and

  • Profile picture of the author Fairuz Talib
    The theme is fine.. but I wonder what are those girls doing on your blog?
  • Profile picture of the author napoleonfirst
    Get a better template. The Adsense ads at the top are not beautiful. Many women pictures.
  • Profile picture of the author Kate Anderson
    I like the theme but the photos of women have nothing to do with your content or blog focus, so it's quite confusing. Other than that, it looks like you have a good start to a well structured blog. I'd personally leave the Adsense where you have it. It's not distracting and doesn't take away from the content at all. Good luck with your site.
  • Profile picture of the author minisite911
    neat site..
    not sure with the color combination though..
    also you should be carefull with the images you putting there on the post. Am talking bout the copyright

    good luck!
  • Profile picture of the author Solidsnake
    Title is too small... It's better if you could put those navigation bars underneath the title...
    • Profile picture of the author kittyluver
      Thanks for the valuable suggestion!!!

      After reading the reviews of my blog, I would like to modify the following things-

      1. No uploading of women Pics.

      2. Non-removal of Google Adsense. (already I am getting 2 clicks per day from this ad)

      3. Writing content almost daily.

      Is it Ok with this decisions?

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