eBay Research Tools: Vendio / Andale, Terapeak, Hammertap

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Could those of you using eBay research tools please share feedback about them? Since eBay no longer sells subscriptions for its own eBay Market Research tool, I'd be interested to know which work best for you - pros/cons, etc.

As I check into Terapeak, there is just nothing About Us on their site that makes me trust they know what they're doing or have any history with it. Aside from some video clips, they share no info on themselves. And so far on eBay discussion forums, looks like Terapeak is slow loading and / or blurry with the tools not working for many.

And out of the loop on Andale, so not sure about Vendio. What happened to Andale?

Hammertap looks promising. Familiar with people on the site, even, and have met some in person.

Anyone have comments to share, please?

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      We've been using Terapeak, no issues or problems that we have seen. Works quite well for us.

      I have also heard good reports about Hammertap.

      Just had a look at Mpire Researcher - hadn't heard of that one before. For a free tool it seems pretty good. Reading the fine print it looks like it uses Terapeak on the back end to get it's data. It shows largely the same information Terapeak does for a specific search, but doesn't provided all the functionality Terapeak does such as category browsing which I use quite a bit to come up with possible product lines.

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    Thanks Rob, Dave and Chris! I'll check those new tools out and might even tire-kick Terapeak, since their annual subscription comes out to about $10 mo., might be the best value. Just not exactly sure what all you get, though. They need to expand on their descriptions and ABout Us info, etc.

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