What are your current thoughts about WSO bumping?

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When Allen first started the new forum, he wasn't sure how to enable bumping to the WSO section. Back then, someone started a thread asking how Warriors felt about the new 'no bumping' rule. Most people in that thread said they liked that sellers couldn't bump anymore. They thought it might 'even the bar' a little better for everyone.

Since then of course Allen figured out how to allow bumping again.

Today with the new stats feature, I noticed all five spots for "most viewed threads" were WSO's. I'll guess they have the high number of views, and those spots, because they've been bumped several times. It seems like they'll be difficult to compete with for those top spots.

I've never sold anything to Warriors in the WSO section, but what are your current thoughts about bumping vs. not bumping? If Allen would ever consider changing the rule, how would you have it?
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    Hey John, from my understanding, bumped WSOs have to be bumped
    manually by the admin after you pay, as opposed to new WSOs that appear
    right away. Has that changed?

    In either case, while it may appear to be a benefit to have your WSO show
    in the stats page, people will still go to the WSO section and see the posts
    on page 1, so I don't see a big deal with it.

    For what it's worth, I post my WSO brand new if I want to repost it so that
    I can have it posted at the time I prefer.

    The only advantages to bumping are carrying the replies to the thread, but
    if there wasn't a lot of activity anyway, it's not much of an advantage.

    Either way, I don't worry about it.
    • Profile picture of the author braver55b
      Being able to bum wsos simplified matters as you simply found the email with the WF invoice and your ad appears in the wso section immediately.
  • Profile picture of the author Tim Franklin
    That is a good topic, of course there will be different opinions.

    I know I dont buy as many WSO as I used to buy, simply because I am tired of seeing the same old bumped WSO appearing with flames.

    It gives me the idea that there is not much new going on.

    thats just my opinion, Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

    I understand why vendors want to do this, however to be honest I have never purchased from any of the bumped threads.

    I just find it easier to ignore the repeats and focus only on new wso vendors, the fact of the matter is, the best deals are usually had by vendors that do not have time to bump every other day.

    Just a few thoughts, no offense meant to any vendor, I can see bumping once, but bumping several times a month over and over again, just get boring, to me because then I have to either ignore the vendor or weed through all the bumped threads so I can view the threads that I really want to see.
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    I do think it will be a lot better if we can exclude wso from the stats page...
    since most ppl actually want to see what topic is currently hot and not what wso have the most view.. we dont need those kind of info... who want to buy the same wso over and over again anyway...
  • Profile picture of the author David Reed
    Posting the same WSO again rather than bumping also gives the chance to remove any negative comments posted on the thread. I've seen one WSO reposted twice with only "positive" comments copied to the thread.


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