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Before everyone freaks that has an active WSO, you can still get to them here:

I don't know what the plan is for migration or when this might change. I'll leave that to the owners. For now, today, as of this exact moment, you can see your WSO's.
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    That would be AWESOME Brian! Since my WSO is in the front page!

    Allen: Whats your say on this?
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    I wonder what people (others and myself) should do who have created a new WSO and have received the PM to pay, but haven't paid yet.

    I don't really want to pay and have it only show up in the "old" WSO section.
    But if it will show here in the new system, then thats cool.

    I tried to place a new WSO here, but after "posting" it, all it said was that it would be moderated. No mention about payment.

    Is there anyone else who still has a WSO waiting to be paid for?

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      I was going to post my first ever WSO but I think I'll back out of the room very slowly.
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    Hey -


    Allen states:

    "To members of the old forum - please remember that bumping no longer works. Do not keep your PM and pay for it again thinking it will bump. It will not.

    Save all your testimonials and just repost again when your WSO gets off page 2. No problem.

    Bumping was nice and easy, but it's over...

    Thank you for understanding..


    Chip Tarver
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      There is allot of WSO talk all over. I am just going to start out fresh. I guess there is no more bumping anyway so the point of moving them is kind of pointless as it will eventually fall off the back pages in the new forum because there is no more bumping. Great idea to grab your testemonial responses from the other forum. Actualy I used to use that method way back before bumping became popular, so it will be like old times again :-)

      I love the new forum,


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