Paul Myers, That Made Her Day! Bless You!!!

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Hi Paul,

Your article brought back the feelings we both had that day.

Tears returned to my eyes and then she asked me if I had checked on the neighbors!

I laughed and told her the Power is back on so everthings ok. She then laughed and said, "Oh.. I forgot!""

Paul, She asked me to tell you this: "Thank you Paul for the Ice Cream.
It was the biggest Ice Cream I've ever had!"

Side note: Man, I need to invest in

Your a Good Man Paul Thank You!

Have a Great Day!

PS, Destiny says: "She won't tell anyone your Secret!" ;-)
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    Michael, are you referring to today's issue of Talk Biz News? It was really
    great and what you did was just, well, that's what a true Warrior is.

    Hope all is well with you now.
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      You did the hard work, dude. I just typed.

      I appreciate the story, and you giving me permission to tell it to my subscribers. I've already gotten way more feedback than I would have expected for an issue mailed on a Saturday evening.

      Two things are obvious already:

      1. People want to be like you.

      2. If I get many more emails about it bringing tears to people's eyes, I'm going to have to change the tagline for the newsletter to...

      TalkBiz News
      The "Chick Flick" of Internet Marketing!

      You did some real good in your neighborhood when you helped those people out. There's no way of knowing what that example will lead to down the road, but it's probably bigger than you think. Folks don't forget that sort of thing. And they'll tell others about it.

      Then you did even more good by telling your story here. You inspired a lot of people.

      Then you did even MORE good when you were kind enough to let me share that with a few thousand of my closest friends. Hopefully, they will be similarly inspired.

      Pretty good outcome, for what started as a disaster.

      Please tell the young lady that I said, "You're welcome" and "Thank you."

      And that I think she's a very special person, who just helped teach a lesson in being smart and kind to a lot of people she'll never even meet, but who also thank her.


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