Landing page, or a main site?

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I eventually intend to utilise squidoo, a hub, a blog, and wordpress, on which to put content (articles & affiliate product reviews) and wondered where I should direct my "Bio" links to - a squeeze page, or a main site (I have developed both). Any advice for the best route please?

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    I think you need some superb copywriting to succeed with the squeeze page route.

    I often clickaway from squeeze pages because a light goes on in my head that tells me I am being "sold to".

    I love buying stuff but not being "sold to"

    Because of this I would go with the main site.

    The niche you are in is also a factor. People on non IM niches will get better click through on squeeze pages than well worn marketers
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      I would say it depends on your niche and business plan. If you're plan is to have a killer email marketing campaign and build as big a list as possible, then the squeeze page should get the traffic. If you have a killer sales letter and want people to just click and buy, then send them to your main site.

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