Do people still type in full URL's?

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In olden days, people used to type in URL's to their browsers directly. Now, with the advent of groovy browsers that autocomplete what you're typing, search engines that serve up links you can click, etc., does that still happen?

I'm asking because there are still those who are concerned about the right TLD for a given set of keywords, .com versus .net/.info, and all the other possibilities one can have if regular folks are typing in URL's.

Of course, even you IM types can chime in about how YOU use that field in your browser window. I use it to find stuff I've forgotten (Firefox 3.0.1) via autocomplete...
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    Well, I only type the sites I frequently visit like WF, which autocompletes when I type "W". But when it does not autocomplete, I type the domain w/o the TLD and hit CTRL+enter which in all browsers, directs to the .com version.

    I've heard and seen many non-tech people type the domain name not in the address bar but in Google search, which are usually .coms.

    So I still think .com is a better choice.
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    I just have to type "goo" and the thing automatically drops down and I can select
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    My browser autocompletes for sites I've visited recently.
    I use Opera which features visual bookmarks where I've
    saved the sites I visit most often.

    I include a short "add to favorites folder" script on most
    of my webs, it's easy to do and makes it convenient for
    my visitors to fav me with a couple of clicks.
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    Why - no need to anymore, the browsers compensate for this now

    if you are on the internet all day long like I am a few less keystrokes here and there at the end of the day, must save me thousands of keystrokes daily

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    I do find myself occasionally typing the full URL to sites like PayPal and my bank just to make sure I'm going to the site I think I'm going to.


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    iono, y'all...

    Seems to me that the more rampant and advanced hackers get and the more educated consumers get, the more security conscious the surfing public will become.

    The browser pulls auto-complete data from the "cache" of the browser. When you use one of those "spyware killer" apps... more than a few of them will clear out the browser cache, as well. Then there's the regular maintenance that is needed after a while; due to your computer (Windows based systems) slowing down when your cache (and Internet history) is overloaded.

    IMHO, me thinks the "bookmark" feature is a more reliable gauge.

    Just my 2ยข
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    LOL, my husband insists on typing everything out down to the WWW

    I tease him about it.
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      Vince, here are my personal browsing habits.

      If it's a domain that's short, like, I'll type it in. Sometimes I get
      autocomplete and sometimes I don't.

      If it's a long domain, no way. I copy and past the link or click on it if I can.

      I can't speak for the rest of the world, but that's what I do.
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      Originally Posted by Jenn Dize View Post

      LOL, my husband insists on typing everything out down to the WWW

      I tease him about it.
      It is AMAZING how many STUPID companies don't honor the www! I would LOVE even a small portion of the possibly MILLIONS of page misses caused by that STUPID error! So SOMETIMES, you NEED the www!!!!!

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    I use the auto format for sure. Anything to save some time
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      Sometimes I do, but mostly it is out of force of habit rather than anything else. To be honest, I find that predominantly I end up typing out the URLs of websites that I've been visiting for a long time and have gotten so used to it that I barely even notice.

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    They do if you give them a reason to type in your full URL's...

    Don't rule out Offline and other misc. online advertising campaigns...

    Give some thought to finding a certain word to add on to your existing URL domain names or use a sub domain that just might intrigue consumers in your particular niche to visit your URL!

    Short and to the point using domain name forwarding or a sub domain...

    Quick example... 2009 is right around the corner! So adding a special year on, Freeinfo, Freeadvice, Freetips, Freeideas etc. etc...

    And Think about applying your URL to a few or more of Sam Decker's list of 193 Creative Marketing Ideas and checkout scribd dot com if it's new to you...
    193 Creative Marketing Ideas


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