Twitter Autosresponses - How Do You Set Up?

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Hey Warriors,

I noticed that when I follow certain people on Twitter, I sometimes
get a Twitter generated autoresponse with the subject line:

Direct message from "TwitterUser" via web

I tried to figure out how to set it up in my account, but had
no luck.

If someone could be so kind as to either tell me how via text here
or record a quick Jing video and post their screencast link in a reply,
that would be AWESOME of you

Thanks In Advance,
Jason Dinner
#internet marketing #autosresponses #set #twitter
  • Profile picture of the author Alan Petersen
    I use Schedule Future-Dated Twitter Tweets

    It takes a couple minutes to setup and you're ready to rock n roll.
  • Profile picture of the author CaptainLou
    Yeah, Jason...I also use It DMs new followers with "Hey, thanks for the follow! LMK if u are joining Mike Filsaime & me on our Caribbean Vacation. (Then I provide a link)"

    Have actually gotten new signups for the Marketers Cruise via Twitter!

    • Profile picture of the author jasondinner
      WOW - that was easy

      Hopefully it works.

      Maybe some of you will follow me and see if you
      get a message back from me.

      Thanks again Alan and Captain Lou!!!!
  • Profile picture of the author jasondinner
    ok, so I suppose TweetLater is some sort of "plug-in"

    Cool, I'm going to check it out now and set my message up.

    I'll let you know how it goes


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