Where to find info on Joint Venture?

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Hi Warriors,

I want to learn more about Join Venture. Do you know where to find a great info product on JV for free or that I can buy?

Thank you
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    To be honest you can find some of the greatest products for free out there. Just do a search on joint venture ebook or a term similar to that on google. Most of the older joint venture products are being freely distributed on the internet. I guess that goes without saying that there are tons of Internet Marketing products you can get for free. Just do a search. Or you will be lucky and get a warrior that shares something with you.
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      If I remember correctly, last year warriors were talking about a great info product on Joint Venture that a warrior wrote. Don't know who or what but I know he was selling it also as a wso on here. A lot of people were talking about it. does anybody know more about this?

      I don't mind looking around on google or other search engines ( I already did), but I like to read one complete info product. I don't like it when I have to read half a bit here - half a bit there.


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