WordTracker, How Accurate is it?

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Hi people,

I been using Free WordTrack to seek out new markets which have potential, though some of the traffic estimates are kinder over the top!

I have seen some keywords which hardly had any competition that was getting over 1000 hits a day, I did a little page on my site and managed to get top spot. No traffic what so ever from that keyword was hitting my site, which got me to ask, how accurate is the the results?

Should I continue to use Wordtracker or use another service?

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    Have a look at the google external keyword tool instead..

    But remember.. there is no better keyword tool than your brain.. when you are thinking like your target market, you will think what they will search for.

    Oftentimes you won't know a good keyword until you target it and track the traffic..


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    Thanks JayXtreme,

    Great advise, that's how I did it with my main site and should know better, I will stick to what I know best and continue what I have done within the last 2 years.

    Still kinder shocked at the massive difference from what WordTrack say's to what's actually out there.

    Thanks again.
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    That is really disappointing to know. I found a keyword showing about 1000 searches a day on various keyword tools, with very low competition which although I understand is never going to be that accurate, I would had hope it was a decent representation of what was going on.

    I just looked in google's keyword tool to see that shows a completely different story of 370 searches a month. However, I am in the UK, and that is the bias it uses to show the stats. When I changed it to show US results, it gave exactly the same. Is this feature broken? I tried various foreign locations and all returned the exact same results. Not very handy really.
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    I personally contacted them several times. The data collected is from matacrawlers, and they also used their own web site to guestimate the number of seraches for a given keyword. May not that accurate but this is so far the best they can do. Unless one day G gives out this kind of info which is not likely :-(
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    Wordtracker's data is based on searches done on dogpile.com and metacrawler.com, both of which are meta search engines - i.e. they aggregate results from other SEs e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

    However, combined they only account for 0.63% of search traffic - or at elast they did at some point in time. Wordtracker extrapolates from that to give you a total daily search volume across all search engines. Now given such a small sample, and the skew in the sample (how many "normal" people use dogpile or metacrawler), it's fair to assume it gets it wrong some of the time.

    In my own testing I see a fair bit of variation, some keywords are right on, others are massively over or under estimated. Now that Google has released absolute numbers I always validate Wordtracker data against that.

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    wordtracker means nothing to me... I would prefer using googles adword tracker or traffic estimator to select keywords and niches..
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    Some years back I used the Wordtracker free tool. After going to their paid version, seems I changed pretty much all my pages, can't remember exactly why, maybe because it was the free version?

    I've used Wordtracked in the past and it paid for itself many times over. But that was a while ago.

    Seems to me, they also use to use data from Overture, probably API from the tool, which makes sense they don't use the same data any more. Other people have said the same, the data does not seems as reliable, or as Chris said, too small a sample. Sad, it was a awesome service.
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    I've checked some Wordtracker and KeywordDiscovery against Google's own keyword stats tool and found some significant discrepancies at times. Most of the results are similar, but there are some very attractive results on both of those services that caught my eye, however checking those against Google showed that the search counts weren't anywhere near what WT or KD led me to believe.
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      I agree with snake,

      WordTracker means nothing.

      I just use Google's KW tool. It just makes sense as they're the source of most of the traffic online. I would not even waste my time cross referencing other KW tools with Google's tool.

      In my opinion, Google really has no reason to lie about their traffic numbers.

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