Price Changed from FREE to $50, and Sells Within a Week on Craigslist

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I am moving out of Las Vegas by the end of this week and giving away furniture using things like Craigslist. While not having a productive week, my friend shared with me his experience using Craigslist.

1. He said once he was trying to get rid of a Futon couch by giving it away free on Craigslist and nobody called. Next week he decided to price them at $50 and sold within a week.

2. He also had four set of tires in front of his house and placed a sign said "FREE". Likewise, nobody bothered to pick them up so he also decided to give a try and priced it $50 and they got stolen immediately.

Can anyone share an example (in internet marketing) where you "thought about" offering something for free but decided to charge a small fee for it?

What was your result? Anything interesting to share?
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    Heh. Watch this video... might give you some interesting points to think about.

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    Hi Takuya

    I love the one about the tyres. Gave me a big smile. Thanks

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      Hi Takuya,

      I love your post you know!

      I have this instance at a live seminar. This trainer (IM niche) shows an example that people prefer paid service.

      He offers a $10 note on the floor and offer it to the first one to come and grab it. No one did.

      In the second scenario, he offers $50 and then a $100...and later jokingly, all his IM products for free.

      Still no one take it up....

      Then when he packs a value such as this package worth US$2997 will be given to you for free....then everyone says "Wow! should have snatched it then."
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    I think this is the reason the $7 script works so well. People do not value what they get for free (for the most part) but any small amount seems to convince them they are getting a bargain.


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