Tell me what you think of my video

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Tell me what you think.

P.S.-Dont be afraid to follow the message;-)
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    Nice job dude .The messages are really catchy !Suitable music too.
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      Are you sure those clips are all legal to be using? Something tells me you might get in trouble.

      Oh, and in Hawaii Spam is Loved.

      PS, the link in your sigi to meta cafe is not allowed, unless you own meta cafe.
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    Let me be blunt.

    You're using copyrighted music that belongs to Corner Stone Cues (I know, I bought it on Itunes). That will land you in some major hot water unless you have a license from them to do so!

    Either get a license for the music, or make a new video with music you can legally use in this manner.
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    I agree with Floyd. Yeah you have a lot of copyrighted material in there and if you're using it for commercial purposes, you need to go out purchase royalty free music soundtracks, and video.

    Aside from that, the video is quite long, normally you want to keep with a 2 minute max, otherwise people will lose interest with this type of video.

    Hope that helps.
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    I agree with shorter video. Powerful music and images, but we do many videos and are actually now shooting for 30 seconds or less after much testing.
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    1. You are probably violating AP copyright

    2. The music does not fit and since you violate IP copyright I wonder if you obtained a license to the music properly?

    3. The font is the wrong choice

    4. The way the text is displayed is not great

    I'd rate this one pretty poor.

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