Need Help with Custom Wordpress Blog Header

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I have a custom header image that is uploaded to my wordpress blog. However, my theme requires that the header stretch across the width of the page.

Problem is that on my computer when the header looks fine, it looks distorted on other screens and vise versa. Arrghhh!

How do I adjust the code so that the header adjusts to the width of the screen no matter what the screen resolution is?

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    Without looking at your site, you will probably need to go into your WP theme's CSS file and find the code that looks something like this:

    #header {

    clear: both;

    padding: 10px;

    margin: 0 auto;

    background: url( other)/header.jpg) top right no-repeat;

    height: 150px;

    And make your modifications in there.

    Also check if you theme has an IE6 or Opera dedicated CSS file, you may have to change that as well.

    Good luck!
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      Usually with something like a header if it is just a graphic, I work backwards. Find the size of the image first. Then create a new file with all the same sizing (like in photoshop) and drag the image you want to use into it. Tweek it to fill in the desired space. Rename it the same as the file you're replacing and upload it with a file manager or FTP and write over the old file.

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