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From the WSO Rules:

2. A Warrior Special Offer Means The Price You Give Must Be Better Than The Price The Public At Large Can Get. (This is not a "buy my product" forum, it is a "Special Offer" forum)
Question: If I were to offer the product to my list, can it be of the same price with my WSO or cheaper? Of course the price will be higher for the public.


Fairuz Talib
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    Hey, Fairuz,

    Your list is considered to be outside the WF, yet not the general public.

    You can offer your product at the same or lower price to them.

    Best off pointing them to your WSO, though, I reckon.

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      Originally Posted by Steven Fullman View Post

      Best off pointing them to your WSO, though, I reckon.
      That's a nice idea, and actually I had that in mind, too. But I was worried that many of them do not know what WSO is, so I thought of having a separate campaign for them.

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    your list is private and if I remember it right a WSO price has to be better than what you offer to the general public as it was mentioned before

    I mix it back and forth sometimes I offer things to my list at a lower price and many times I alert them I just placed a WSO up, it all depends what is happening with my product developement.

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    I like the idea of exclusivity, offering something you cannot get anywhere else.

    To me it seems like a better marketing philosophy, allowing you to build relationships by offering something exclusive.

    just a thought.

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