How much do you earn (on average) per subscriber on your list?

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I've heard that most people earn anywhere, on average, between $1 to $2 per subscriber per month on their list. So assuming that you have a 2000 subscribers, you should be getting $4k a month.

I know this varies a lot depending on the nature of your list, how responsive it is, the niche you're in etc.

But I just wanted to kind of get a feel for the kind of returns that most people here on WF are doing with their lists. Specifically, in the I.M niche. Roughly how much do you earn per subscriber per month?
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    Hi David, There is a similar thread going on

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    Around $0.5.
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      $3 per sub per month.

      I usually send emails out to different sections (groups of 3000) of the list so not everyone gets every email.

      On average if I send out to 3000 people, 2300 will open the mail, 1600 will follow the link and 200 will buy. So with an average product price of $45 this gives me an average of around $3.


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    Hi John,

    That's just how I usually do IM maths

    I work out what I want to earn, then choose a model that can reach it - then run the numbers and work out how many members/sales/subscribers are required - then it's just a case of working out how to give them no-brainer offers that make the price point an easy option.

    I thought everyone did this.

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    How did you make sure your list contained quality subscribers?
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    I'll just throw this quick tip out there. Mail offers to your list less often, no more than once per week and preferably less than that. To increase your ROI, instead of focusing on one big list that you can mail offers to maybe 4 times a month consider making 5 to 7 smaller lists.

    This way you can mail offers every day and still hit each list only once a week. Of course between offers you should send good content to your lists and even that I wouldn't do too often.

    You do want to stay in their mind, but you don't want them to bump into you every time they open their email box.

    John P
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    This is an interesting question, but I think hard to get a real answer to.

    Some people overstate their income to look better (not saying anyone in this thread has done so), and those making much less than what they are "supposed to" make are probably less likely to post the numbers.

    I suspect the true average is under $1/month, but without being able to get real numbers, we'll never know.

    Certainly Andy is doing much better than most if over half his subscribers are clicking the links in the emails - a single digit percentage is more common for that. This one thing would explain the difference between his $3 and someone else's 30 cents.
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    Some has to do with the model too.

    I have some lists that I don't have to mail
    out to at all and I still earn way over $1 a name because
    I promote recurring products.

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    List talk is always about 95% bs and bad information.

    The only way you'll find out what works best for you is to test it for yourself.

    The majority of people I know personally that are making $100,000+ monthly from their lists alone promote mail 5-9 times a week, and almost never content.

    I don't care what you do with your list, how you build it, how you treat it, at the end of the day, in my mind, it boils down to how much money your list made you, and how much time you personally invested into making it do that much.

    I'd rather have a list of 300,000 that made me $40,000 a month than a list of 30,000 that made me $30,000 a month.
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    Andy is obviously doing well with his list. I think we should emulate him. Andy, can you, please, throw more light on how you acquire such a quality list?


    Adiari, C.

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