Warrior Forum Holds the Key to Success

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I like belonging to this forum because I can witness true entrepreneurs passionately exchanging marketing ideas and discussions.

But the forum won't be as good if these true Warriors didn't lead by example.

Lately, I have seen...

Tiffany Dow running an exciting Article Marketing contest while shelling out her own capital and time to run it.

Steven Wagenheim starting best seller threads every time he makes people think.

Jenn Dize spearheading a charity event with Dr. Mani, raising thousands of dollars for children who need heart surgery.

Stanly Tang showcasing his young yet energetic talent.

Paul Myers sharing inspiring Warrior stories.

Mike Lantz and Adeel Chowdhry both making the forum easier place to gain benefits from.

There are so many more to name... but they ALL lead by example. Leader Warriors and ones in the making all know who they are.

In fact, these people don't have to "show off" their leadership skills, it just comes out of them naturally. But it's not easy for people to always have the "guts" to lead because it requires the use of their valuable talents, time and resources to contribute when they all have their own work to engineer.

The rest of the community evolves as these leading marketers set the tone for forum discussion.

It used be that a good Marketer meant being able to distinguish "Benefits" from "Features". Then the users "experienced" these marketers' products and services while spreading good news.

However, today the market requires more than just featuring benefits or experiencing good stuff, but more of sense of where people "belong" especially with the use of social community and web 2.0, which demands "value" and "good citizenship".

For example, when you buy "StomperNet", it makes you feel good to belong to the Stompers (exclusive and limited). When you buy Traffic Secrets 2, you just gained a piece of John Reese's empire (sold Out). Traffic Fusion? Hey, you got Mike Filsaime and his work behind it (Cutting Edge). Do you subscribe to TalkBiz? Of course, if not, you should because everyone else does (Every good Warrior reads it, don't you know?).

It's about where we belong.

And WARRIOR FORUM is where we belong and we can witness true Warriors leading by example. When people lead, we form opinion about them. Pretty soon we start painting their attributes in our minds, being able to recognize their defining characteristics. In fact, without looking at the user names, we become able to tell who writes each post from their writing style.

Without looking at the names, can you tell when Kevin Riley posts? I can. Can you tell if it's a post by Bev Clement? I bet you could. How about ones by Andrew Cavanagh? Of course.

It's more like the same way we can recognize good brands like Mercedes, Apple Computers, Nike.... without looking at the entire picture, we can almost imagine how these products come packaged in certain "style". They're distinct, they're recognizable and they're leaders of the tribe, which can make you feel you belong to an exclusive club.

I love reading posts made by these leaders -- there are just so much to learn in here. And when people lead by example, everything else starts to work well for them. JV proposals start coming in, their Rolodex of Skype starts growing, their traffic starts growing organically, their subscribers and customers continue growing.

We all say that in order to build online business successfully, we don't need to look elsewhere, and it's all in here.

As long as you can provide value and good citizenship as these leaders do, you can build your business entirely just by belonging to Warrior Forum.

It's true -- hundreds of people have done it.

Why can it not happen to you, too?

There are no secrets to online marketing, it's all in here, like an open book test presented right before your eyes.
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  • Profile picture of the author jhongren
    Hi Takuya,

    Thanks for this long post and I find alot of value in there.

    One observation: if everyone feels the same as you, they would have spent time searching the forum and printing every page they can find.

    And they would have compiled into an IM book - customised to their own needs and wants and level.

    But you see, it is time consuming. Everyone wants to be served with a silver platter, nicely done up for them. The best is to give them Success Right Now!

    But you know that this is not true. This is not the real IM journey. IM journey is long and challenging, overcoming the work as well as the person's inner demons such as fear and procrastination.

    It is not easy.

    BUT it is easier to buy a ready product and pay a monetary price.

    BUT wait, the distractions are plenty and it is easy to jump from one offer to the other.

    So in general, people dont like the hard work.

    Just serve me with what I want and right now!

    My 2 cents,
    • Profile picture of the author Takuya Hikichi
      Originally Posted by jhongren View Post

      But you see, it is time consuming. Everyone wants to be served with a silver platter, nicely done up for them.

      So in general, people dont like the hard work.

      Just serve me with what I want and right now!

      It's like "learning" how to fish and "giving" fish. People want fish baked, warm, ready, with fresh veggies, gravy poured on it while placed on the shining plate and nicely ironed table cloth.

      Give a product that does all that and it'll sell.

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