I need a script to do this... Is there a current one?

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Hi All,

I'm embarking on a new project based upon a directory sort of theme. I am looking for a script/program or whatever that will let a new account add their banner to the directory, under the proper category, charge the transaction with PayPal, 1ShoppingCart or Ultracart on a subscription basis, and upload their html and banner automatically.

Not sure if I have to go to elance or? Or preferably if one is currently available.

Control panel variables would include the size of the banner/ad, discounts for multiple listings, and categories.

There would be multiple sites involved, but would consider a system that worked site, by site.

Is there any such animal available?

Appreciate your advice,
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    Maybe you should check out PHP Link Directory.

    Features : PHP Link Directory Script

    I don't know if it will meet your needs exactly but you could outsource the modifications to what you need it to do.
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    Thanks, Dennis!

    I took a look and it sounds promising.
    Really appreciate the advice.

    Does anyone know of another alternative in case this tanks?

    Thanks again,
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      Checked it out, but needs lots of customizing from what they say. Still looking.

      Any other suggestions?

      Thanks Corky

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