Commission Junction help please!

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Can someone please tell me whats going on with CJ????

I have 2 products that I want to promote that I found via google - turns out they both run through CJ.

I have had to 'apply' to be able to sell these products and its 5 days later and my 'application' is 'still pending'?

I have tried to load CJU several times to work out how CJ actually works - but cant get it to load.

I just want to get the links and banners to load onto my site???
Can anyone tell me whats the problem?
CJ is certainly not like clickbank or paydotcom!

or...........have I missed the boat somewhere? Is there a marketplace with CJ that you can just get an ID and chooses your products and off you go???

Im very surprised that I need to 'apply' to be able to sell these 2 products - which couldnt be more relevant to my new site - if they tried!

HELP please!
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    CJ can be a drag. But why are you frustrating when there are
    hundreds of other affiliate networks for you to choose from?
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      Its not CJ itself that I want to join - its just that the 2 products I want to promote are ONLY on CJ.
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    I use CJ and so I know all about their approval process.
    If it is inconvenient for you to wait several days until the
    CJ merchants get back with you, and if there is a chance
    that you may be rejected anyway, I would recommend
    that you diversify your affiliate dealings now.

    If you require assistance locating aff offers, LMK.
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      It could just that the merchants prefer to deal with affiliates who are based in the US only. If they reject you, the only way you can go forward is to contact the merchant's affiliate manager directly


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