The Power of Community

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Whole businesses can be built on the ability to build strong online relationships in your niches.
Joining forums is a powerful way to build your voice as one of expertise.

There are several key features in building a name for yourself in a forum. I've worked over a few different areas over the last few years, and discovered some methods- which I'll share.

Are there ones I've missed?

1. Sit backand read, without posting for a good while. Findout the people who are recognised as the leaders- either officially, or not.
2. look at the posts that get the most views and repsonses and think about your take on them.
3. start by contributing to the threads you cna really asssit with. be personable and friendly
4. interact with the "leaders' as much as posible,but even more so,interact with the "second level" leaders, the upand comings. thes eones have a good stadning but aren't "alpha" about thier positinon. A new person coming in trying to get the attention of a top dog can comeacross a teeny bit "brown nosy"
5. Build relationships behind the scenes and make a group of people you cna relate with
6. Try to be the same person youare offline when talking online. People can spot a fake, evne if they don't know how
7. Take your time,and remember building long term relationships is far more powerfulthan quick thrills

anytihng else?

(and you can keep all my typos )
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    8. Keep a file of the commonly asked questions and the answers they receive.
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      Besides the aboves

      9. Before you ask or set up a thread, look round, you find an answer maybe onto your question, and you do not annoy the others with it, that you ask the same one as the fortieth.
      The peoples do business gladly with those who appreciates the time of other ones.

      10. Do not offend others. You can be controversial but be as polite as you can, because you may achieve much more with kindness, than with raw strength. People memorize you and don't want to make business with rude person.

      11. The peoples are different, from this their opinions and temperaments may differ. Let us be understanding, if we want make a business in the future

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