What Is Going On With This Forum?

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Okay, some weird sh*t is starting to happen around here.

I just went to make a post and save it and a box came up that usually comes
up when I'm trying to like open a PDF or save a file onto my hard drive
asking me where I wanted to save my reply.

Before that, I tried editing my signature and I got a message saying that
signatures can't be more than 1000 characters including bbc code. Trust me,
my signature is nowhere near 1000 characters. I know it's a glitch because
after I cut it down, I then tried to make another change, which would have
made the signature even shorter, and got the error again...after I'd just
successfully saved it prior.

So something really odd is going on around here.

Anybody have a clue? :confused::confused::confused:
#internet marketing #forum
  • Profile picture of the author Barbara Eyre
    I see the internet gremlins are hard at work again. *chuckles*
    • Profile picture of the author Bruce NewMedia
      Today Monday, I notice it is operating VERY SLOWLY....saving a post /reply takes forever, so I don;t know. Maybe the server for WF is having problems??

  • Profile picture of the author George Wright
    Hi Steven,

    I've experienced the same things and a lot more. When weird thing start to happen. I sign off the forum, clear all my cookies and sign back on. Everything works fine after that.

    My little ritual probably has nothing to do with anything but it works for me.

    George Wright
  • Profile picture of the author admin
    I'm working on this as we speak..some of the things we are doing may be causing some issues.

    All should be cleared up soon and we'll be on a unix server..
    • Profile picture of the author AgileHosting
      Originally Posted by admin View Post

      All should be cleared up soon and we'll be on a unix server..
      w00t !!

      Something I've noticed the past week also, is every time I submit a reply, whether it is using the Quick Reply or the regular reply function, the page hangs and the post never posts to the thread. It's as if it's a query in a perpetual state of waiting forever.

      I've gotten into the habit of copying my post just in case it somehow gets lost in screen-refresh land and then I stop the post (using the stop button @ the top of my browser), then hit Submit Reply again. It almost always goes through the second time.

      A new *nix server will likely solve this, assuming Apache/Litespeed is optimized for running the forum of course.

      Good luck and keep up the great work!! I know sometimes it can seem like a thankless and endless job ... I totally know how that feels but you are very much appreciated, and it will feel so good to sit back when the job is done and say, "I did that - and look how awesome it's running now! Hah!"

      Thank you for your hard work.

  • Profile picture of the author hebsgaard
    Well, it's great to see that it's being sorted. We wouldn't want to loose our most valuable excuse for not working

    I'm not slacking!! This is valuable research and networking and promotion and...yeah, yeah I'll get back to work now
  • Profile picture of the author rmholla
    Warrior forum is haunted -- and it isn't even Halloween yet. Maybe the ghosts are frustrated because all the stores are putting out Christmas stuff and they are tired of their holiday being slighted. LOL

  • Profile picture of the author Erich
    It is the dreaded Warrior Forum Slap look for my new WSO Offering to help you overcome the dreaded Warrior Forum Slap !!! Only 1 Gazzilion Dollars and it will be limited to 1 person so hurry....

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