How do u rank for keywords?

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I have a website that I am trying to get on the 1st page of Google. I hope to have my domain name be the keywords that rank. Here is my question:

How do you rank for other (non domain name) keywords, maybe I am dense but I have never understood that?
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    I have wondered that for a while. I just try to get my main title on Google's 1st page.
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      LOL... if there was an guaranteed way I'd be a rich as Frank Kern.

      But I do rank well on most of my keywords because I build blogs, I automate them and I build steady one way relevant links pointing to my sites using the keywords as anchor tags.

      You can read more about it at the Affiliate Marketing Training Center
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    One important way to get your site ranked for keywords in search engines is getting one way links to your website from other websites where the link is the actual keyword or keyword phrase. There are various ways to get those one way links to your website, one of my favorite of which is article marketing where you can add the one way link at the end of your article.

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