Google Adwords Slap 3!

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Inside AdWords: Quality Score improvements to go live in coming days

How are your adwords accounts doing? Just curious as to the slap 3 has affected warriors advertising on adwords.

To tell, log into your account, and look at your account snapshot. Look at your CPC, your Traffic, Impressions, and total cost.

Look for any changes around the 15th of this month.

Any changes?
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  • Profile picture of the author jasonl70
    I haven't seen anything noticable.. I haven't looked terribly close, but I've kept an eye out over the last few days and haen't had anything jump out at me yet. I may be hitting my daily budget later in the day, which means the impressions are down - but I haven't verified it yet.
  • Profile picture of the author Chad Kimball
    Most of my accounts are unchanged because they are setup with tight keyword groupings... but I'm seeing increased click costs but also increased CTR in one of my accounts that is a bit more "messy"

    The problem is, I made a ton of changes to that account a few days before google implemented their changes, so it is difficult for me to tell which caused the activity I'm seeing.
    • Profile picture of the author Corwinnx
      GRRRRR..... I thought I just had a handle on adwords and now you guys are saying there's another slap.... I'm beginning to not want to do adwords at all.

      ok, who's gonna write the latest book? Send me a PM, I"m your first buyer. LOL

  • Profile picture of the author seobro
    Yes, goog disabled about 1/2 my keywords due to low quality ratings. They want 40 cents a click for dime keywords. I am planning to look at adcenter live.
    • Profile picture of the author JayXtreme
      nope.. all seems good my end..

      It pays to follow the rules from right through your campaign.. relevant sites ads and domains never get slapped when there are things like this implemented..

      Only the shoddy ones get a slap.. it keeps things clean out there for us


  • Profile picture of the author Sylvia Meier
    Nope no slap here, but I have also been working with a Google jumpstart program (through Google themselves) that has really improved my ads and everything else, so if anything my campaigns have improved. I agree with Jay, if you are doing things the way they advise you make it through the slaps intact.
  • Profile picture of the author pmore
    Thankfully, this slap hasn't affected me (finger crossed). Things are still going smoothly for all my ads.

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