Real Estate Warriors - opinions please

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This really only applies to warriors in the real estate niche but anyone is free to comment.

I am working on a WSO that will be the resale rights to an ebook. This ebook is basically going to be along the "The Real Estate Sites Every Investor Should Have Bookmarked."

I do not want to make this a PLR ebook because there aren't really any affiliate links to swap out.

However I thought that maybe I should offer the ability to have a "branded" copy, where warriors with real estate sites could have a link to their site embedded in their resale copy. Possibly in the footer so their website is linked to every page.

Then if the warrior decided they wanted to give copies away instead of selling them, there would be some benefit in it for them (since there are no affiliate links).

What do you think?

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    Sounds good Rhonda...I say go for it.

    Best of luck,

    Chris Negro
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    I also liked the idea.Any more information?
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    Are you planning on attracting investors who have not yet tried investing in real estate? Or are you going after real estate agents?

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