Article Marketing - Does Google punish sites for having too many backlinks in a day?

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All what do I know is that Google and other search engines love new fresh content. Now I’m a little bit confused as I have heard that it is not good to submit many articles per day to Article Directories.

A friend of mine usually submits tens of articles daily, he get ranked higher in search engines and he triple his web traffic. He pays for freelancers.

What is the truth about this subject?
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  • Profile picture of the author Daniel Molano
    Basically what your friend does is the truth, the more articles and the more backlinks per day means better ranking and more traffic. Google does in no way punish for excessive backlinking, in fact, they reward it.
    • Profile picture of the author sinela
      I think you are right Daniel, why not to have many articles submitted to many sites since there is no duplicated content.
  • Profile picture of the author JayXtreme
    Hi Sinela..

    It isn't really a problem because the articles won't all get indexed at the same time, therefore the backlinks won't get counted at the same time..


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    I agree with Daniel Molano, Google rewards websites with backlinks. Obviously a site which links to your website that has high PageRank tend to fare better.
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    How many links are too many links? Anyone know that please comment.
  • Profile picture of the author BilB
    Hi Sinela,

    I agree that it should not be a problem. The only thing that I would be cautious of is growing your backlinks too quickly. I have found that natural growth of backlinks tends to be favored more by search engines. I think you should be safe as long as you don't go out and buy 5000 links from somebody.


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